Diversity In North Carolina

In North Carolina there exists a small rural community college. This community college served the academic needs to six surrounding counties. Its mission was to offer a high-quality, ground-breaking education, and student support that stimulated scholarly achievement, educational excellence, and economic growth. The English as a Second Language (E. S. L. ) program fell under … Read more

Minority Groups In The United States

All groups are not treated or viewed equally in all societies. Sometimes, a minority group can be defined by constituting a smaller percentage of the population than another group. However, sometimes a minority constitutes the majority of the population. A minority group is a subordinate group which has significantly less control over their lives than … Read more

Consequences Of Discrimination Among Atheists

Perceptions of Discrimination Among Atheists: Consequences for Atheist Identification, Psychological and Physical Well-Being Doane, J. Michael. , & Elliot, Marta. University of Nevada, Reno. Psychology of religion and Spirituality 2015, Vol. 7, No. 2, 130-141 This article was written by Michael J. Doane and Marta Elliott for the purpose of discovering the outcome of discrimination … Read more