North Korea Human Rights Violations

North Korea is one of the most mysterious countries in the world due to its relative reclusiveness from world affairs, but behind this veneer lies a history of horrifying and disgusting abuse of human rights. The country, formed in 1948 in the wake of the Korean War, is ruled by the communist Kim regime, which … Read more

Island Of Despair

Agger and Jensen found that testimony is an open attestation of victims’ private pain and a condemnation of injustice with a psychotherapeutic effect. Testimony allows individualised pain to be experienced by the audience as personal encroachment, which then engenders the empathy of the audience for such pain. It can also be seen as an advocacy … Read more

Religion In Somalia Essay

Somalia has been known for a country that is not developed and is unsafe to live in. However, what holds people together in the country is religion. I will discuss how paramount religion is to the individuals in the country and the values they hold as a society. Along with what ethnic groups are in … Read more

Effects Of Asylum Seekers

Over the last five years asylum seeker numbers, which include families with children, have been on the rise in Australia. The Australian Human Rights Commission [AHRC] (2014, p. 29) claims that Australia breaches International Human Rights Law, due to factors such as regional processing, lack of proper resources and mandatory detention with no set duration. … Read more

Analyst Questionnaire: GEICO

Analyst Questionnaire – Asen Voynov Please fill in your name, replacing the highlighted “Your Name” text above with your first and last names, and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. When saving, rename the file by replacing the “Candidate Last Name” portion with your last name. 1) How did you hear … Read more

Torture Justified

The act of torture is a grave violation of human rights that infringes objectives of the United Nations Charter. Since 1984, 155 countries have ratified UN Convention against Torture (UNCAT). Between these 155 countries, 142 countries were researched by Amnesty International, a non-profit organization in the forefront of the campaign against torture and a recipient … Read more

Violation Of Pharmacist Research Paper

Pharmacists have the vital job to provide their patients with any medications they need or have been prescribed for. However, there may be some medications, such as Plan B or emergency contraception, that are tied to moral beliefs that certain pharmacists do not agree with. This brings up the issue if pharmacists should have the … Read more

Different Types Of Secondhand Smoke

Since 1964, 2,500,000 people have died from secondhand smoke (Secondhand smoke (SHS) facts, Dec. 20, 2016). There are two types of secondhand smoke: sidestream and mainstream. Sidestream smoke is the smoke that comes off of the burning end of the cigarette. Mainstream smoke is the smoke that is exhaled by the smoker (Health risks of … Read more

Beck Vs Socrates

The following is a conversation between Socrates, who has mysteriously appeared in Philadelphia on November 9th, 2016, and Vivian Beck, a pro-choice woman among the crowd. The crowd chants outside to protest the election of Donald Trump, a republican candidate, as the President of the United States. Trump’s policies on defunding Planned Parenthood, overturning Roe … Read more

North Korean Human Rights Violations

North Korea has historically been known as a country that violates many human rights of North Korean citizens, motivating them to seek refuge in another country such as China. However, China is actively contravening its international obligations toward North Korean refugees by infringing upon international human rights laws such as violating the commitment to adhere … Read more

The Genocide In Uganda Essay

“Genocide is an attempt to exterminate a people, not to alter their behavior” – Jack Schwart. Uganda has been greatly affected by genocide, different factors and people contribute to the problems there. Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa. It has a tropical climate and is divided into three distinct areas, the swampy lowlands, a … Read more

Declaration of Human Rights

“Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work. . . Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social service. ” These are … Read more

Deontological theories and Teleological theories

In this paper I want to show the importance of the distinction between Deontological theories and Teleological theories. First, let me define the basic types of deontological theories: Act-deontology takes the rightness of an act as having to be decided by the individual on the basis of what the particular situation demands of him or … Read more

Canadian history human rights

In fact, in the sass’s and sass’s, only a few races were allowed to live their lives free of racism and discrimination. Other races Including the Jews, Aboriginals and Asians were heavily discriminated against and had to face extreme hardships to attain something as simple as their basic human rights. Anta-Smelts or extreme prejudice against … Read more

Canadian history human rights

In fact, in the 1 ass’s and 1 ass’s, only a few races were allowed to live their lives free of racism and discrimination. Other races including the Jews, Aboriginals and Asians were heavily discriminated against and had to face extreme hardships to attain something as simple as their basic human rights. Anti-Semitism or extreme … Read more

History of Human Rights

Declaration has sections that conflicts some of the rights of humans in the Declaration of Human Rights. In section add of the Cairo Declaration it states, ‘There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Shari’s,” this can include stoning for adultery, a cruel and inhumane punishment. In the Declaration of … Read more

Mans Inhumanity Towards Man

Man’s inhumanity to man is everywhere. I firmly believe that people on this earth should be treated and respected equally. People are all unique. They come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs and ideas, but treating others in such an inhuman way, as the Jewish were in the concentration camps is cruel and should have … Read more

Should Human Cloning Be Permitted

For years, part of the American public, and humans in general, have been fascinated with the possibility of creating human life by other than natural means. There are many who strongly disagree with the idea of human cloning. It certainly wasn’t surprising when they were able to clone a sheep and will not be the … Read more