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People all over the world, of all body styles, sizes, races and backgrounds occupy their time and gain physical fitness through games and activities referred to as sports. From professional leagues around the world, school sports, and neighborhood games, fun and strategy come together to form a worldwide phenomenon that has come to be loved. […]

The main reason why the Communists came to power in China was because of the failing policies and actions used by Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalists) of which the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) took advantage. However in addition to that, there were also significant factors such as the poor conditions during the beginning of the twentieth century […]

Between 200 C. E. and 900 C. E. , China underwent a lot of significant changes and continuities, especially in political and economical aspects. A specific change that happened to China’s economic system was the shift from agriculture in the Han Dynasty to trading in the Sui and Tang dynasties. Although there were changes in […]

Wherever an evil exists it should be ate once removed, and that the laws should never be suffered to fall into desuetude. ” (2) Does he think that it’s possible to enforce the law? What stands in the way of its enforcement? (Page 98) “The laws, then, relating thereto are not wanting in severity; but […]

When Buddhism was brought to Ancient China in 1st century C. E. , it progressively won converts after the fall of the Han Dynasty. Buddhism continued to influence China for centuries. The extent of Buddhism’s appeal can be traced throughout its existence in ancient China. Buddhism had distinct influence in ancient China. According to Buddha, […]

War were not domestic but international, suggesting that the conflict in Korea was part of the worldwide ‘cold war’ fought between the United States and the USSR. However, some historians differ, suggesting that the foundations of the War in Korea could be found deep in the country’s divided history, proposing that the conflict in Korea […]

The world was still in shambles after the war to end all wars, so when smaller countries began falling to the dreaded red error, the United Nations had to start taking a stance. In a terrifying turn of events, the United States, representing the Capitalist West, would have to stand up to the spread of […]

Despite the total victory and unconditional surrender in the recent World War II, the Korean War was not along the same lines whatsoever. The Korean War began when the North and South were divided at the 38th parallel; suddenly, the Communist North invaded the south and most of it was consumed except for a final […]

On October 16, 1934, 100 000 Chinese Communist troops set out on a 6,000 mile trek from their base in Kiangsi. 1 This trek, later to be known as the Long March, began after Chiang Kai-shek and his Nationalist armies (the Kuomintang) frustrated the Communist organization in Southeast China. The Long March was a difficult […]

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