Stereotypes Of Refugees

Stereotype: a fixed idea or image of a group of people without actually getting to know them. Innocent refugees are being stereotyped to be terrorists everyday they walk outside, and it needs to stop. Sabha Al-Ali, Motab, and their children are Syrian refugees that arrived in Pittsburgh in 2015. In Syria, they were bombed everyday, … Read more

Realistic Conflict Essay

The experiment was based on the Theory of Realistic Conflict. The researchers extended the theory to an institutional setting where groups are not actively involved in the decisions, but are targets of the decisions made by the authority of the institution which is known as the rector. The negative interdependence between the in-group (psychology) and … Read more

Women In The Media Essay

Salutations. I have an understanding that you have worked very diligently in the media and have contributed quite an effort into its portrayal of the modern society today. However, I do have quite an issue that I have been meaning to tackle with the businesses in the media. I have been noticing that there is … Read more

Stereotypes In Today’s Society Essay

We all have encountered some type of stereotype or prejudices. A stereotype that I had to face was age prejudice by me being so young sometimes people don’t set the high expectations for you that other people would at an older age because they expect for you to make mistakes. At times my mindset isn’t … Read more