NAFTA Pros And Cons Essay

NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, is a three-country trade pact between the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The agreement went into effect in 1994 and has been credited with increasing trade and investment among the three nations. Supporters of NAFTA argue that the agreement has been beneficial for all three countries involved. … Read more

China And Australia Relationship Essay

Trade relations between Australia and China Australia’s establishment of diplomatic relations with China was in 1972 by the Whitlam Government, together with Australia’s One China policy. China and Australia’s bilateral relationship continues to grow, as do both the countries. The relationship is built a strong trade interests and location of our two countries. The Chinese … Read more

International Trade Report: US & Israel

Introduction This report will be focusing on many areas of Israel’s growth, their potential for economic growth and a little bit of their past history along with how they are involved with the U.S. Population Israel’s population is overwhelmingly urban and although about 82% Jewish, contains a remarkable racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity.  More than … Read more