Critique Example

This paper examines the design, sample, and ethical concerns utilized in the chosen research studies. The article “The Experience of Patients Undergoing Awake Craniotomy” is a qualitative study. The article “The Relationship Between Obesity and Asthma” is a quantitative study. The first step in critiquing a research study is to understand the scientific method. This … Read more

Appraisal Of Qualitative Studies

Why is it necessary to critique a qualitative study? Powers (2011a) states, “All scientific evidence is important to clinical decision making, and all evidence must be critically appraised to determine its contribution to that decision making” (p. 135). A qualitative study attempts to describe an experience from the participant’s perspective. Additionally, to enhance understanding, the … Read more

Outline For Photography Research Paper

Where would people be without photography? Photography pauses time and documents memories that have taken place. The word photographer means drawing with light. (Photographer 18). If one is interested in becoming a photographer there are many job opportunities in the career. There are Commercial Photographers, Fine Art Photographers, Retoucher/Compositor, Photojournalism, Aerial Photographers, Portrait Photographers, and … Read more