Conflict Theory Essay

Sociologists use the term “conflict theory” to refer to a specific sociological perspective originating in the work of Karl Marx. Conflict theory views social life as a competition, and focuses on the distribution of resources, power, and prestige. According to conflict theorists, groups within society compete for scarce resources, and this competition leads to conflict. … Read more

Socialist Movement Research Paper

Group movements in the United States typically fall within two boundaries, the left, and the right. The goals and the people that make up these groups differ wildly, as do their methods of achieving their particular goals. Additionally, there are extreme swings within each group that push, and often times exceed the boundaries of ethical … Read more

Conflict In Darfur Essay

The Conflict in Darfur, Sudan is a humanitarian crisis which officially began in 2003 and continues to this day. The conflict began with tribal and governmental disputes. The government then began to fight a proxy war by arming nomadic Arab tribes, called the Janjaweed, to fight against the Darfuri people. The government has isolated themselves … Read more

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews is a modern phenomenon, which began around the turn of the 20th century. Although these two groups have different religions (Palestinians include Muslims, Christians and Druze), religious differences are not the cause of the conflict. It is essentially a struggle over land. Until 1948, the area that both … Read more

Husbands: The Cause Of Conflict In Literature

Being that writing is inherently romantic in nature, throughout the history of literature, we see many authors insights into the enigmatic and often ambiguous subject of love and relationships. Three short stories written by three separate American writers deal with such matter; Charlotte Perkins Gillman in \”The Yellow Wallpaper\”, Kate Chopin in \”The Storm\”, and … Read more