The Army Crew Team Case Analysis

The Army Crew Team case is a classic example of a team that was not performing up to its potential. The team was made up of talented individuals, but they were not working together effectively. There are several factors that contributed to the team’s poor performance. First, the team members were not clear about their … Read more

Summary: Harmful Effects Of Participation Trophies

Studies reported to Evan Grossman of Men’s Journal have shown that the generation of people reaching adulthood now are considered a bunch of “self-obsessed, irresponsible, and unmotivated generation of false achievers. ” What could have caused this? A huge cause of this is what is known as the “self-esteem movement” according to Evan Grossman of … Read more

Personal Narrative: PAC Champions

“This is it boys, every diet, every workout, and every practice we have put forth this season comes down to this one race. This determines whether or not we are PAC champions. ” My heart was beating so fast that I had a rhythmic pound in my neck. My sweaty hands had a death grip … Read more