Katie Rees

On May 24 1952 a baby girl was born into the world in Sparrow Hospital, Lansing Michigan and her name is Katie Rees. Her parents didn’t know how soon to go to the hospital so they drove around Lansing in their car until they were sure it was time and they stopped at a little … Read more

My Grandpa Leon Research Paper

My Grandpa Leon is possibly the most negative person I know. Even though I love him, we are different from one another in almost every way. I am calm, organized, and quiet; my grandpa is boisterous, loud, and chaotic, with difficulty focusing and controlling his emotions. I prefer to live more simply and modestly; he … Read more

Behind Grandmas House Poem Analysis Research Paper

How cool is your grandmother? Nikki Giovanni, Gary Soto, and Lorna Dee Cervantes share poems with their audience about their grandmothers and the lessons they have been taught. Throughout the year as we grow most of our grandparents get to see us change into the person we are today. “Lord these children”, Grandparents do not … Read more

Eloise Anderson Case Reaction Paper

The Anderson’s and Jeffers’s families are in a custody battle for seven-year-old Eloise Anderson. The Anderson and Jeffers are not fun of one another and have difficulties communicating with each other. Eloise has been in the custody of her grandparents Elliott and Carol Anderson since birth. Mrs. Carol Anderson, Eloise’s grandmother was killed a month … Read more