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First Day Of School Essay

I remember my first day at school in the United States very clearly. I was so excited to finally be starting my education in a new country. Everything was so different from what I was used to back home. The school buildings were so big and the classrooms were filled with all kinds of new technology. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was just excited to learn.

My teacher was very kind and helpful, and she made me feel welcome from the start. She explained everything very clearly and helped me catch up with the other students. I quickly made friends with some of my classmates, and we would often help each other out with our homework. I loved learning in such a supportive environment.

Overall, my first day at school in the United States was a great experience. I was able to learn so much and make some great friends along the way. I’m grateful for the education I received in the United States and am proud to be an alumni of such a great school system.

On my first day at my new school, I’ll be expecting a lot of change. Many routines will have to be converted as well, like waking up earlier than normal. I live four bus-stops away from the new school instead of down the street from it like my old one, so preparations must be made accordingly.

I was excited and a little nervous about meeting new friends and starting fresh at a new school. The first day of school started off well. I made some small talk with the girl who sat next to me during breakfast. We figured out that we had a lot in common, including the fact that we were both new to the school. After breakfast, I followed her to our first class which was math. The teacher went over the syllabus and what would be expected of us for the year. I took good notes and felt confident that I could do well in the class.

After math, we had English. Our teacher handed out our textbooks and told us to open to page one hundred and fifty-five. We were going to start reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.” I had never read the book before, but it sounded interesting. I was looking forward to reading it.

The day went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to go home. I was tired from all the new information, but I was also excited about what the rest of the year would bring. I knew that there would be challenges, but I was ready to face them. After all, this was my new school and I wanted to make the best of it.

I was hurriedly putting on my clothes, trying to get out the door before my alarm went off. I constantly shuffled between being tired and eager to go to school. I got myself to the bathroom so that I could prepare for school. It was a new term, and at the end of every year, I would ask myself what I wanted in life. This time around, my objective was to stay healthy. With this mindset,

First lesson of the day was Math. The teacher, Mrs. Walker introduced herself and gave us a brief overview of what we will be learning for the next few weeks. We were told to open our books to page 30 and do questions 1-10. I Panic! I had no idea how to even start question 1 let alone finish all 10 questions.

I slowly raised my hand and ask Mrs. Walker for help. She came over and explained to me how to answer the first question. After that, I understood what I had to do and managed to finish all the questions within the allocated time.

The second lesson was English Language Arts (ELA). The teacher, Missy Lee started with a quick game of Hangman. It was a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone in the class. We then went around introducing ourselves and saying what we did over the summer.

Time flew by and before I knew it, lunch time came. I was famished! The food didn’t look too great but beggars can’t be choosers. I grabbed a tray and filled it up with some mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets, salad and an apple juice box.

I found an empty table and sat down to eat by myself. Suddenly, two girls came over and asked if they could sit with me. I said yes and we began chatting away like we had been friends for years. They were really nice and we had a lot in common. We exchanged numbers before heading back to class.

The last lesson for the day was Social Studies. The teacher, Mr. Ryan was very strict but he was also very funny. He made learning fun and I found myself enjoying the lesson, even though I’m not too fond of history.

I hang out with my closest friends during the assembly. We were immediately greeted by the headmaster after our warm welcome from the principle. For the year, we had a form teacher who seemed to understand us. She wanted us to get along, so she devised a game that shocked everyone. My class had a wonderful time together.

I am so glad I made friends on my first day at school! The first day of school is always full of mixed emotions. For me, it was a mix of nerves and excitement. I was nervous about starting at a new school, but I was also excited to meet my new classmates and teachers.

I’ll never forget my first day of school in the United States. I remember feeling both nervous and excited as I walked into the school building. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was ready to start my educational journey in the United States.

As soon as I walked into the assembly hall, I saw a group of students huddled together near the stage. They were chatting and laughing, and I immediately felt at ease. I walked over to the group and introduced myself. We quickly became friends and I knew that I had made the right decision in coming to the United States for my education.

I’ll never forget my first day of school in the United States. It was a day that filled me with both nerves and excitement. But ultimately, it was a day that I will always remember fondly.

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