Thinking As A Hobby

Thinking as a hobby is not something that everyone enjoys, but it can be very rewarding. For some people, thinking is a way to relax and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. It can be a form of entertainment, or even a form of self-improvement. William Golding once said, “Thinking is one of the … Read more

Art 104 1200 Research Paper Sample

The sheer anguish, grieve and the indescribable pain written all over the faces of Ugolino, his two sons and two grandsons in this amazingly sculpted artwork captures your imagination and gets you having a whole lot of questions to ask the first time you set your eyes on this masterpiece at the Metropolitan Museum. It’s … Read more

The Once And Future King Analysis Essay

Most people aren’t born leaders, but molded into a leader by their life experiences. In The Once and Future King by T. H White, Wart, an illegitimate child of the king, is molded into a leader by his magical tutor Merlyn. The best leaders aren’t those that are born into a position of power, but … Read more