Essay On Meta Horror

The definition of meta, is something that is reflected in itself, or self-referencing of itself in something. It also has to deal with something that is aware of itself. Meta-horror is a horror that self-references itself in the movie, or a horror book. Another concept of meta-horror, is that the characters are going to know … Read more

Essay about Blair Witch Project Analysis

The beginning of found footage films can be traced back to the 1980’s with Cannibal Holocaust, it used both a staged filmmaking style and introduced a lost footage, then recovered and shown to the public style of filmmaking. While Cannibal Holocaust was one of the first films, The Blair Witch Project (1999) gave a new … Read more

The Paradox Of Horror Summary Essay

From the moment you’re born, your mind begins to develop certain emotions, a lot of which help you determine how to feel about different types of situations. One of these emotions is fear. Everybody is afraid of something in life. However, is being afraid always a bad thing? Given people’s high demand for horror these … Read more

Analyzing Richard Matheson’s Short Story ‘Prey’ Essay

Rakshit Bhasker Dr. Jonathan Ball ENGL 1400 A05 9 December 2015 [Research Paper Title] Horror stories are created in such a way to create fear, fascination, and excitement amongst the readers. They frequently comprise of different elements, a supernatural force or creature, for example monsters and zombies, or a psychotic figure being the more commonly … Read more