Cohort Study

Vitamin E Consumption and the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Men Describe the study research design The research design conducted by Rimm et al. was a good example of a prospective cohort study. It involves the identification of the population that does not have the disease that is tested, and collects information on the … Read more

Alice Pasquini Research Paper

In our small region of Scioto County, graffiti is often found everywhere. Usually, it is gang names, and words that are tattooed on walls or on the side of trains, that is if you don’t count the astonishing murals painted up on the flood walls. Other places, however, have graffiti that looks as if it … Read more

Nicolo Machiavelli’s The Prince

“The Prince” is an extraordinary work by Nicolo Machiavelli that is timeless in its discussion on ruling nations. The fundamental question branches out to much of the discussion in “The Prince” is whether it is better for a ruler to be feared or loved. According to Machiavelli, it would be desired for a ruler to … Read more

Life Of Pi Survival Essay

Life of Pi, a novel written by Canadian author Yann Martel, is the incredible story of how 16-year old teenager Pi Patel survives 227 days trapped in a lifeboat with only a large 450-pound Bengal tiger for company. During his 7-month ordeal over the vast Pacific ocean, misery, hunger, and desperation threaten to blot out … Read more

Hepatitis B Summary

Community Health Education at Student-Run Clinics for Hepatitis B Summary Oftentimes student-run clinics (SCRs) can be important healthcare safety nets for underserved populations, their efficacy for improving patient health knowledge has not been thoroughly explored (Ouyang, Yuan, Sheu, Lau, Chen, Lai, 2013). From September 2011 to April 2012, a study was done by assessing patients’ … Read more

A Summary Of Standardized Testing

As education and common core modernized with time, educators had difficulties comparing students’ academic levels and determining national standards. An educational pioneer named Horace Mann created a standardized test in 1845 to give “children equal opportunities” (Gershon). The idea expanded globally and each nation created their own forms of testing to accommodate for their country’s … Read more

Involvement In Vietnam

The Vietnam War was also known as the Second Indochina War and referred to by the Vietnamese as the American War. It was a conflict that went from 1955 to 1975 between the Communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam (currently known as North of Vietnam) and the Republic of Vietnam (currently known as South of Vietnam). … Read more

Arguments In Favor Of Abortion

The right to obtain abortions has been a debated topic since the 1800s. It has been the subject of intense Supreme Court litigation and is publically debated during presidential elections. Abortion is defined as ending a pregnancy by removing a fetus from the uterus (“Abortion”). Abortion is also controversial because those who take a stance … Read more

Closing The Gap Strategy

The ‘Closing the gap’ strategy has so far been taking its toll at a slow pace. This strategy is a set of national actions aimed at reducing Indigenous Disadvantage. Although some success in health and care have been achieved, greater engagement of elders and shorter time frames are being demanded. There are numerous aims and … Read more

1984 Range Of Thought

In the range of human thought, many different patterns appear. There are those that display the range of written and spoken words; there are those that express emotions; there are thoughts that process logic, mathematics, and cognitive skills. The range of thoughts capable by the human brain exceeds expectations of many; the human brain is … Read more

How Does Barbie Affect Society

This paper gives a brief overview of the effect of Barbie’s in today’s world. Ranging from a variety of positive and negative views that influence the women’s physical looks today. A plastic toy that has been very popular for the past fifty years has slowly found its deeper meaning. I will first give you a … Read more

Authentic Instruction Analysis

As we prepare our students to be twenty-first century workers, our classrooms need to adapt also. Authentic teaching provides the opportunity for students to push their students through relatable content to deeply understand the material. Additionally, integrating technology fosters critical thinking and engagement. Authentic instruction fosters original, creative thinking within our students through four standards. … Read more

Reflection Of The Book Night

When Elie says “That is what concentration camp life had made of me”, this shows how he’s been beaten down to the core. At the beginning of the novel, Elie was EXTREMELY religious and would do anything for god. But when he goes to the camps, he slowly starts losing his faith, up to the … Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis In Children

A shocking 22. 7% of adults in the United States have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. That is 1 in 5 people over the age of 18. 1 The word arthritis is a medical term that specifically refers to the inflammation of joints, but is commonly used as a collective term for over 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions … Read more

Behaviorism: Social Cognitive Analysis

Behaviorism, is the social cognitive (learning/social) perspective. As the behaviorism observe from the environment aspect, the social cognitive focus on one’s mindset as they think and learn from their environment. Therefore, social cognitive theory focuses on the behavior, environment, and the person to determine their personality styles. As the behavioral and social cognitive perspective work … Read more

Personal Medical Information Analysis

Personally, identifiable information (PII) is protected and precious to hackers, even more, valuable than the basic PII (name, address, phone number), is personal medical information. What it is called “a hacker’s roadmap to your life, ” and in 2010 the economic impact of this type of theft cost healthcare industries over $7 billion (Horan, 2016). … Read more

The Necklace Literary Analysis

Mathilde and Loisel had no luxury at all, but Mathilde still wished for the good things in life. Her husband, whom would do anything for his wife, got an invitation for a party where all the “important people” (177) would be. Not everyone was given an invitation to the party, so Loisel thought his wife … Read more

Alison’s Story Schizophrenia

Alison did not know she was schizophrenic until she was nineteen years old. She was depressed as a teenager but did not experience any psychotic tendencies until later. Alison began to live in her own fantasy world. She began sleeping all the time and skipping classes. Eventually a friend suggested she go and speak with … Read more

Reality In The Allegory Of The Cave

Philosophy is a way of thinking about the world. It is the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc. and it consists of several different sections, one being metaphysics. Metaphysics is the part of philosophy that is concerned with the basic causes and nature of things. It distinguishes between … Read more

Crash Redemption

“No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around. ” The world renowned 2005 film, Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, sends the positive message of hope and potential for redemption in the world. Many of the characters make the wrong decisions and receive grace from the universe, which shows the audience that … Read more

Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

“This is not some distant problem of the future. This is a problem that is affecting americans right now. Whether it means increased flooding, greater vulnerability to droughts, more severe wildfires–all these things are having an impact on americans as we speak. ” – U. S. President Barack Obama. Global warming is an issue filled … Read more

How Does Mcdonalds Promote American Popular Culture

In the process of globalization, the American popular culture have spread out through movies, music, and television programs, however, there are also several other factors, which have promoted American popular culture across the world. Goods and services are also a major factor helping to grow American popular culture in the global world. “The American Global … Read more

No More Sailor Songs

The men’s choir preformed at the Hillcrest High school. They were the first to perform at the concert. Then came the women’s choir, then after that was the more expectance singers performed after the women’s choir. Each group had their own songs to preform but I’m going to talk about the one I performed in … Read more

Electrochemical Reduction-Oxidation Lab

The purpose of this lab was to measure the reduction potentials of metals and to understand how a reduction-oxidation relationship works to produce spontaneity. Lastly, these results were used to determine the Faraday’s constant and Avogadro’s number by electrolysis, which is chemical decomposition produced by passing an electrical current through a solution with ions. The … Read more

Genetic Research Argumentative Essay

Charles Darwin, a famous naturalist and geologist, who developed the theory of evolution and natural selection. Darwin concluded his work with observations of birds, but didn’t have strong evidence to prove his theory. As of a couple years ago, a group of scientist from the University of Utah did an experiment on DNA from pigeons. … Read more

Thomas Cook Customer Service Analysis

Detailed explanation of the principles of customer service Principles of good customer service is very important to give excellent customer service and to make the customer want to return the importance of customer service is to ensure the needs and wants of customers are met by the organisation, meeting customer expectations and ensuring satisfaction. Customer … Read more

Book Of Experience

Throughout my life, reading and writing have impacted me in a negative and a positive way. My passion for both reading and writing did not begin similarly to that of my peers in elementary school; however, as time goes on, I began to fall in love with other people’s works in literature. Starting off in … Read more

Crime Scene Investigation Essay

To avoid any contamination the team must make sure none of the evidence gets contaminated. To ensure this, all members of the team must use clean protective gear and equipment for each scene. Control samples are always needed in order to include or exclude evidence being tested. Each piece of evidence should be packaged and … Read more

Carnivore Research Paper

The order carnivore is a very interesting order that takes in different forms. It contains five families all of which are uniquely different. Members of Carnivora have diverse food habits, although many are primarily carnivorous, and carnivory is widely distributed in mammals, being found in many other orders including bats, marsupial mammals, primates, and dolphins … Read more

Motherhood In American Culture

In the Western society I was raised in, a mother is usually understood as one of two ways. A mother is either a selfless and hardworking nurturer, or a protective and “helicoptering” figure that will do anything for her child. While numerous mothers, in actuality, encompass neither or both of these roles along with several … Read more

Depression Psychology Paper

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes (Rathus 4). These studies include the theorization of the causes of mental illness (Rathus 4). Many theories have resulted from people attempting to explain things not yet understood, like the biological theory (Milnes). Depression is in the category of mood disorders, which are disorders that … Read more

Transhumanism Research Paper

Human beings are subject to aging and other limitations that prevent them from performing the various task at different times of their life. Transhumanism is described as the philosophy of life that seeks to improve the human conditions by eliminating human limitations using science and technology. The process is guided by life-promoting principles and values. … Read more

Juno’s Argumentative Essay

He was there too, for a time, briefly, looking at her. There was a different kind of tension presented in that moment, though, as I surveyed him; his eyes were not soft like John’s, but hard and erratic, moving back and forth in nearly invisible movements. He looked like he was trapped, struggling to restrain … Read more

Scotland Health History

On July 1st, 1999, the government was established in Scotland and is known as the “Scottish Executive”. The Scotland Parliament is the devolved nation, unicameral legislature of Scotland that supports this executive. The Parliament’s purpose is, “to define, debate, decide and legislate on issues of importance to the people of Scotland. In doing so, it … Read more

Cost Of Childcare

“According to the U. S. Department of Health, between the years 2011 and 2012, 38 states and the District of Columbia, child-care costs exceed their recommendation of no more than 10 percent of a family’s income (Blair 4). ” However for many parents child care is a must. Child care expenses are at a premium, … Read more

Spine Disorders: Idiopathic Scoliosis

Scoliosis is one of three main types of spine curvature disorders. Like a disease on the spinal curvature twisting and resulting in the sideway curves of the spine. It is defined as a lateral, or a side-to-side deviation from the normal frontal axis of the body. Scoliosis is similar to Lordosis, which also been named … Read more

Do Muslim Women Need Saving Analysis

While women’s oppression exists in virtually every society around the world, issues pertaining to women vary by culture, race, religion, economic status, and geographic location as well as many other variables and attributes that makes us individual, but separate us and our experiences. Global feminism is often separated into two groups, the global North which … Read more

Social Group Analysis Essay

Social Group Analysis on the Bradshaw Family The group I have chosen to study is my family. Several of my family members live in the same house, these members are who I will be focusing on. The group consist of thirteen people, between the ages of 13 months and eighty-five years old. I’ve chosen five … Read more

Postoperative Pulmonary Complications

Pulmonary Complications: Diaphragmatic breathing exercises or Incentive Spirometry? Postoperative care is an essential role in nursing practice. It prevents postoperative complications that may arise due to surgeries. Postoperative care includes a pathway of healing and recovering leading to prophylaxis of many pulmonary complications. Postoperative pulmonary complications include respiratory failure, pneumonia, and atelectasis. Preventing such complications … Read more

Television Influence On American Culture

“Television has been a fixture of American culture for more than 60 years. ” (Minnesota Health Department, 2014) From black and white to color, from large box televisions to thin, to smart televisions, they have now. America’s televisions has changed and so have American’s relationship with television. Televisions, in an American culture, has informed and … Read more

Comparing Bluest Eye And Blake’s Work

In “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison and “From Songs of Experience: The Chimney-Sweeper” by William Blake, the main characters are highly disadvantaged children. Morrison’s characters are experiencing the effects of the great depression, while Blake’s speaker is a victim of child labour during the industrial revolution in London. Blake’s speaker describes the child workers … Read more

North Korea Human Rights Violations

North Korea is one of the most mysterious countries in the world due to its relative reclusiveness from world affairs, but behind this veneer lies a history of horrifying and disgusting abuse of human rights. The country, formed in 1948 in the wake of the Korean War, is ruled by the communist Kim regime, which … Read more

Jean Patou Accomplishments

The most elegant man in Europe, many called him, gave the fashion community a whole different look on sportswear and fragrances. His role in twentieth century fashion was very important: he transformed from selling designs from a small dressmaking store in Paris to designing for many celebrities as well as creating one of the most … Read more

Jonas Salk

Francis Collins once said ” I think history would say that medical research has, throughout many changes of parties, remained as one of the shining lights of bipartisan agreement, that people are concerned about health for themselves, for their families, for their constituents. ” The twentieth century was a time of great scientific advancements in … Read more

Japanese Stereotypes

In the spring of 1942, we in the United States placed some 110,000 persons of Japanese descent in protective custody. Two out of every three of these were American citizens by birth; one-third were aliens forbidden by law to be citizens. Included were three generations: Issei, or first-generation immigrants (aliens); Nisei, or second-generation (American-born citizens); … Read more

Jane Eyre Changes

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes” Hugh Prather. Life can be both brilliant and torture, sometimes at the same time, and we must learn to roll with the punches. In the graphic novel version of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Jane learns how to deal with her tragic … Read more

Minority Groups In The United States

All groups are not treated or viewed equally in all societies. Sometimes, a minority group can be defined by constituting a smaller percentage of the population than another group. However, sometimes a minority constitutes the majority of the population. A minority group is a subordinate group which has significantly less control over their lives than … Read more

Common Homebuyer Mistakes Essay

Common Mistakes People Commit When Buying a Home Buying a home is an exhilarating time. More so for the first-time home buyer. But there’s more to buying a home than simply putting money down and signing on the dotted line. There are many homebuyer mistakes that happen that can turn a dream home into a … Read more

Mayflower Summary

I started reading “Mayflower” for a coursework but instantly got addicted to it. Philbrick, a Nantucket occupant, got to be interested about the Pioneer story while exploring the Wampanoag Indians local to his island. He partitions his book into three areas, reflected in the subtitle: the narrative of the little gathering of Separatists who left … Read more

Peter Abelard Research Paper

Peter Abelard was a French philosopher and theologian during twelfth-century Europe. Despite the fact that there were schools specifically with monasteries and cathedrals, a new way of learning soon arose during his time. He was known for exemplifying this new model of learning. Abelard, like many other Philosophers during the olden times, paved his way … Read more

What Is The Change In The DUFF Movie

Describe how a character changed in the film. Change. It is a natural and unpreventable yet terrifying part of life. For teenagers, such as Bianca Piper in the 2015 film The DUFF directed by Ari Sandel, change is overwhelming, confronting and often surprisingly rewarding. Sandel effectively presents Bianca’s changes through the use of parallel structure, … Read more

Naloxone Addiction

With all this going on physically, the mind itself is also taking a harsh beating. Heroin easily ruins relationships with significant others, family members, friends, and even between the user and themselves. Many users will either choose to live very secluded lives; whereas others are forced to do so when the people around them decide … Read more

Art 104 1200 Research Paper Sample

The sheer anguish, grieve and the indescribable pain written all over the faces of Ugolino, his two sons and two grandsons in this amazingly sculpted artwork captures your imagination and gets you having a whole lot of questions to ask the first time you set your eyes on this masterpiece at the Metropolitan Museum. It’s … Read more

World Hunger In Africa

Hunger is a real epidemic that is happening around the world right now; 11. 3% of the world is currently hungry. The desire for food causes a severe pain that not only affects adults but children as well. This is a crucial issue in Africa because people are suffering greatly due to the lack of … Read more

Environmental Issues In Polar Bears

Climate change is a global concern that affects many species and ecosystems; polar bears are essentially the poster child for species impacted by Earth’s warming temperatures. “Earth’s 2015 surface temperatures were the warmest since modern record keeping began in 1880,” according to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Polar bears … Read more

Macular Degeneration

Blotchy shadows cloud the vision of over ten million Americans in the form of an incurable disease. This disease, known as Macular Degeneration, is the leading cause of vision loss. The topic of Macular Degeneration stood out to me because my grandfather is one of the people suffering from this condition. In order to understand … Read more

Young Women’s Body Image

Young women’s body image in the 21st century is largely influenced by mass media. In today’s world, advertisements can be seen almost everywhere you look. Young women see advertisements on billboards as they drive or walk by places, on buses that are passing by, on benches they may sit on, in magazines that they pick … Read more

Stephanie Keri Case Study

Stephanie Keri has just been elected the new mayor of St. Augustine. The city provides a furnished house for Stephanie Keri and her family to live in. The real estate has a value of $60,000 per year and all the maintenance fees are paid by the city. The tax question Stephanie needs answered is whether … Read more

Fred Koch Case

One of the most substantial problems of a long-lasting family based business is the procedural transfer of controls and possessions of the corporation amongst the family. Hence, many knowledgeable individuals have documented various elements which are crucial to practical succession. Consequently, many family members and law firms have dedicated significant amounts of energy to comprehend … Read more

Religion: The Five Senses Of Religion

“Without the senses there would be no religion, for religion is founded on a relation between embodied beings and the world around them. ” (IRS, 69) The senses help us construct and allow us to partake in the world’s religions. The faiths of the world are deeply fixed in the customs of culture and connect … Read more

Analyst Questionnaire: GEICO

Analyst Questionnaire – Asen Voynov Please fill in your name, replacing the highlighted “Your Name” text above with your first and last names, and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. When saving, rename the file by replacing the “Candidate Last Name” portion with your last name. 1) How did you hear … Read more

How Divorce Affects Children

“How could divorce affect my kids? ” “How can I minimize the emotional distress that my child is experiencing? ” Many parents asked themselves many difficult questions after taking the difficult decision of ending their marriage with divorce. Unfortunately, life is not perfect and sometimes the best option for families is divorce. However, we must … Read more

Death Penalty In The 18th Century

It is known that, “The first established death penalty laws date as far back as the Eighteenth Century B. C. in the Code of King Hammurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes” (“Introduction to the Death Penalty”). In the seventh century B. C. the death penalty was a part of … Read more

H. L. Mencken’s Analysis

Picture thirty desks, a chalkboard with a teacher standing in front of it, three students sleeping, eleven students on their phones, six students paying attention, and ten students daydreaming; this is a typical classroom in the public education system. In 1924 H. L. Mencken, a German-American journalist and a cultural critic, wrote about what he … Read more

Everyman Film Analysis

Given the Mexican government’s insistence to adopt ruinous neoliberal policies, the government’s attention and funds have been directed away from preventing sexual violence and in turn, normalize an environment of rape culture in Ciudad Juarez. In order to expose the universality and trauma of sexual violence, Carrera villainizes the “everyman. ” By presenting Cutberto’s character … Read more

Alison Bliss Research Paper

Alison Bliss is an American author best known for the writing of romantic suspense novels. She grew up on a small island just off the Gulf Coast in Texas and spent most of her childhood on hunting or camping trips. Alison is the youngest of five siblings and hence has had to face up to … Read more

Ethical Leadership Research Paper

Globalization and quickly creating innovation demonstrates we are in a time of exceptional rivalry (Shindler, 2015). Appropriate administration is indispensable in these unpredictable situations. Along these lines, this paper tries to build up what being a pioneer is, moral attributes and aptitudes required for powerful initiative of an association. 1. Explain what being a leader … Read more

Anthrax: A Biological Weapon

Biological warfare has been around since the 19th century. It can include any organism or toxin found in nature to kill or injure people. Many nations are seeking ways to acquire biological weapons to use against other nations and there have been many concerns of terrorist groups having the technology to use them. In fact, … Read more

John Malkovich

The 1999 film Being John Malkovich, screenplay written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze, is a highly philosophical film that deals with the ability – or inability – to truly ‘become’ another individual. It follows the story of Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) and his experience of finding a portal that allows the user … Read more