I Sit And Look Out Theme

In “I Sit and Look Out,” Walt Whitman observes the world around him and reflects on the human condition. He begins by noting that he is not “blind” to the beauty of nature, but he sees beyond its surface. Instead, Whitman sees the world as a place of suffering and injustice. He sees people who … Read more

Emerson and Whitman Views of Self

What is man anyhow? What am I? What are you? asks Whitman. Who we are, what our purpose is and what the meaning of life is are all mysteries that man has tried to solve from his earliest history. Whitman and Emerson explore these ideas in their works, Song of Myself and Self Reliance. Whitman, … Read more

Walt Whitman Essay Examples

Walt Whitman During the time period that Walter Whitman lived, there were many controversial things happening to the American people as a whole.  One of the most strenuous upon society at the time was the Civil War.  The Civil War created many problems in the lives of most Americans during this time period.  This war … Read more