Dangers Of Speeding Essay

Speeding is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road. It puts not only yourself at risk, but also other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Even a small increase in speed can have major consequences. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding was a factor in almost a third … Read more

Driving Age Raised To 21

Driving is a complex task that requires good judgement and split-second decision making. Unfortunately, many teenagers lack the experience and maturity to handle the responsibility of driving. This was tragically illustrated in Melbourne, Australia last month when a 17-year-old girl drove a tram into a busy intersection, killing five people and injuring dozens more. In … Read more

Getting Around Sacramento Essay

Getting Around Sacramento: Public Transportation & Tours Worth Knowing About Meta Description: Sacramento is a fantastic city full of history and culture. Use our quick guide to public transportation to get around. Meta Keywords: Sacramento Transportation, Sacramento Mass Transit, Sacramento Tours, Tours in Sacramento See all of Sacramento from the Seat of a Bus, Train, … Read more

Feathers-Personal Narrative

Kevin and his friend Garret were driving to their cabin in lower Georgia. It was a warm, beautiful fall afternoon in Georgia. The cabin was so much more than a cabin to Kevin. It was the jewel of lower Georgia to him. Kevin screamed, “Watch out. ” Garret had served out of the way and … Read more

California Drought Analysis

This is not an article about a hike covering huge chunks of miles, deep in the wilderness, but rather, this is an article about the contrasts of living in an urban environment, finding solitude in that environment and of the relief that comes from receiving long awaited rain in a drought stricken state The state … Read more

Electric Cars Research Paper

What are electric cars and how do they help our environment? An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device. Electric motors give electric cars instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration. They are also around three … Read more

Essay about Traffic Congestion In Canada

Owning any sort of transportation is a very essential in any town or city, and the Greater Toronto Area is no exception to it. Since Toronto is known for having amazing attractions, having a vehicle makes it easier for individuals to travel and visit all of them at once. In the last couple of years, … Read more

Self Driving Pros And Cons Essay

The Argument for Electrical, Self-Driving Vehicles First people traveled by foot, then by horse, then the first automobile was invented over a century ago, which included a variation of the combustion engine that the majority of people still use today. The next major evolution in transportation is fast approaching with the invention of electrical, self-driving … Read more

Car Crash Research Paper

The car that has been chosen for this ANCAP Crash Investigation is a Mitsubishi Lancer, see Figure 1. They retail from around $21,000, are available in multiple models. The base model Lancer is driven by a 2. 0L petrol, DOHC 16 valve engine, that can take it to a top speed of 200km/h. This engine … Read more

Self-Driving Cars Essay

Our nation’s leader, President Obama has mentioned that in all of his two terms in office, the idea of the self-driving car has been a fantasy that has become a reality that will change our lives forever (qtd by Moor). It is so exciting to think that the crazy imaginations of cars is actually coming … Read more

Essay On Truck Collision

When you’re on the road, the last thing you want to worry about is an accident. Furthermore, the last vehicle you’d want to get in a car accident with is a truck. Truck collisions can happen to anyone. No one is exempt. Whether you’re a teacher with Boone County Schools, an official with the City … Read more

Stereotypes In The Movie Crash Essay

One car rear ending another begins a storyline set over thirty-six hours that reveals how utterly connected a group of people’s lives are, even though they all seem to be extremely diverse. The movie Crash emphasizes the interconnectedness of these people that originally appear very different from one another. Preconceived notions of stereotypes prevent the … Read more