Mission Statement Analysis

Grounded in a consistent history of conquering obstacles, I vie to continue being self-motivated, consistent, disciplined, and hardworking. My mission is to remain professional in all aspects of my life as each aspect strongly reflects on the other. I will find new research-based ways to meet both my goals and goals set forth by others … Read more

Nikes Equality Essay

Working at the idea that Nike uses this campaign in order to facilitate a connection between themselves and their consumers, I also see their use of “plain folks appeal” (Woolfolk Cross 2). “Plain folks appeal” is said to be a method where an individual, in this case a corporation, aims to win their audience’s confidence … Read more

Critical Thinking Skills Essay

What critical thinking skills are needed for the leader committed to social justice to effectively communicate at all levels of practice? Critical thinking skills include learning the skills needed to be a leader which means thinking critically and taking action to accomplish the vision, having communication skills and interpersonal skills, having perseverance, and having self- … Read more

History and Future of the Juvenile Justice System

Earlier this year the Supreme Court of the United States handed down arguably one their most important, yet controversial decisions regarding Juvenile law. In the case Roper v Simmons (2005), a narrow 5-4 decision, overturned the United States practice of allowing capital punishment for Juvenile offenders. Mitigating factors must be considered when examining the decision … Read more