Louis XIV

The normative aesthetic of the French Classicism highlights the beauty of grand passions and great feelings in an antithetical combination with the necessity of respecting the social norms and the voice of reason. The creation of great works of art in this period is tightly connected with the context and environment of seventeenth century France: … Read more

Mimi White Theory

Television for many years has been looked at as a source for entertainment for many. Hard workers, mothers, children and teenagers can all find enjoyment in watching TV and its become widely used form of media in large parts of the world. When thinking of TV its usually happy thoughts that would come to mind, … Read more

Fake Violence Vs Real War

A man gets into a violent fight in 1914. In the midst of the brawl, he receives a deep cut in his upper cheek. This is before the invention of penicillin and sulfa drugs (Encyclopaedia Brittanica). He has never heard of such a thing as antibiotics. The cut becomes infected, and develops a severe fever. … Read more

I Just Wanna Be Average Summary Essay

How do teachers get students in American to become motivated? How can teachers make students feel as though they can actually put their stamp on this world? How can teachers help students discover their deep potential that lies in everyone? One could argue that all teachers have to do is care. There’s a disconnect in … Read more