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Evaluation Essay On The Outsiders

The Godfather, Forrest Gump, Titanic, Goodfellas, just a few of the most iconic blockbusters of all time, and that is to only to mention a few. All films are appreciated, some more than others. When it comes to myself, I approach each film with a open mind. Detecting my intensifying passion for movies is hands down, one of the most culminating experiences I have had. Eighth grade year of school, Mr. Veines Literacy Tech class. We prepared to embark on an new reading assignment, The Outsiders, by S. E Hinton. I, myself cringed at the intention of yet again reading another thoughtless novel.

Time went by and this book was dragging on. It was dull, tiresome, and I was utterly stumped as to what was happening in the book. At the same time I was just blasting through the entire experience, wanting it to be over with. Eventually, we were done with the book, and now it was time to watch the movie, which I was only enthusiastic about, considering the fact there would be a space of class taken up where we wouldn’t have no school work to do. As the movie began, I was instantly hooked. The film had touched me so much more than the actual book.

I was amazed at the idea that I could possibly adore something as much as this movie. As I look back in the past and re-watch this film, it is the reason my mind was opened to an entirely new world. The interest of this modest, nearly thirty year old movie, at the time, gave me an absolute whole new advanced outlook on movies. After The Outsiders, I became dominated by Hollywood’s creations. I looked into every single actor that was casted in the movie. From there, everything was a whirlwind. I started to invest my time into analyzing the actors involved. Becoming dominated by the most purest idea of them.

I would look into each performer individually. After obsessing for nearly months over these actors, I have now seen over a hundred, conceivably even more films, all involving actors associated with The Outsiders. Subsequently, that leading to myself discovering even more actors I appreciated. It was a domino effect, each film I watched, I found yet another actor I loved. Following my involvement with The Outsiders, my main focus was primarily films made in the 1980’s. The bulk of the films I seen were electrifying. Others, not so much. I exceedingly had viewed more films than I could ever imagine.

With the limitless motion pictures I have witnessed, I began to start tearing films apart. I would scrutinize every detail. Thoroughly looking at every aspect of the flick, I started to discover certain genres which I comparably enjoyed more than others. The more I watched, the more I loved, the more I educated myself. As time went on, my desire for films grew. There was time I was rummaging through channels. It was late at night, I was supposed to be preparing for bed. As I recall, there was a movie on that I so desperately wanted to see. Although, there was a dilemma, it was on during a time I was expected to be in school.

To others, this wouldn’t be a problem, but to me, I was compelled to see this movie. I laid in bed and flourished with thoughts on how I could make it possible to watch this film. Either staying home for the day or leaving school early, I was willing to do anything. The next day came, as foolish as it might seem, I was stressed that I was gonna miss it. My mom came in to wake me for school, I apprehensively told her I wasn’t feeling well. In reality she at no time would’ve thought I was fibbing to her just so I could stay home to watch something on television.

I couldn’t explain to her my reasons, there would be no way she would tolerate me staying home for such an absurd reason. The day proceeded on, my mom left for work, I went out into the living room to cozily sit and watch the film I had so dramatically needed to watch. If there was an actor I cherished, I would watch their films. No matter the movie, if they were involved I was watching it. It wasn’t even their movies I just adored, it was them as well. I intricately would study their lives. It interested me how they got involved in films, stories they would have about movie making.

It was all so thought-provoking to myself. Able to access behind the scenes material for films was heaven like to me. I love to see the process of filmmaking unfold. The amazement I had, still do, to watch the powerful creations of hollywood continues. Interviews with actors, directors, producers, and screenwriters, personally is something I am very appreciative for. Loving to hear their thoughts, their ideas, the type of creations they envision, is pure amazement. One of my all time favorites, Martin Scorsese, He is responsible for some of the alltime greats, including; Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, The Aviator.

Scorsese has some of the best acclaimed films in hollywood. He is ideally a mentor I would to be able to sit down and speak to. Overall, films are something I am very gracious for. The way they compose of such great creativity. Movies has been part of my life for some years now and hopefully it is something I passionately will always keep. Being so willing to see a movie, going to great extents. The gratefulness I have for the creators of such immense films is overwhelming. I will forever cherish cinema.

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