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Candyman Informative Speech Research Paper

Trecently hit 100 views today (yey for me). So I decided to look at my tags to see what my most popular was and it was horror. The ranking for the Wrong Turn films did pretty well (you can find it here if you have not seen it) and I enjoyed writing it. Sol decided to do something similar plus I do like to read up on horror things so why not do a top 10 killers. For horrors I love the sub genre of slasher films so most of my chooses will probably be from them types of movies. Please keep in mind that I am only going to put characters from films that I have seen.

There will probably be some on here that you would expect most people to have seen that I have not. I do not own any of the pictures below, I get most of my images from Wikipedia and no infringement is intended. 10. Candyman- Candyman File:Candyman 2. jpgCandyman Thave not seen these movies for years so I may be a bit rusty. The candyman was always such a menacing person. His back story always freaked me out when I watched it. Saying Candyman three times in the mirror would summon him to kill you. The gore I can remember was pretty good and it is a classic he has to be on this list. 9. Victor Crowley – Hatchet

Victor Crowley. jpgImage from Wikipedia This is probably an unpopular choice as these films are not for everyone. I movies are not straight comedies and although sometimes probably not trying to be funny they are. I do love these films. I think by third film it lost its way and needed to end. The kills are pretty good in these movies, the effects aren’t that great though. I can always remember one scene in Hatchet 2 with two people having sex Victor kills one and it is so funny. I enjoyed the back story to this killer too and generally I do not like supernatural killers but I do like him.

Kane Hodder plays Victor too and he is a Horror legend so it can’t be all bad. 8. Jacob Goodnight – See no Evil See No Evil 2 poster. jpgSee no Evil 2 DVD cover Silent killers really are so freaky. In all honesty 9 and 8 could probably be interchangeable as I do not like one more then the other. Again this is pretty low budget so the special effects are not that good. I was surprised I enjoyed this movie and the way Kane’s character kills people are pretty good. I enjoyed the sequel more to the actual original which is a shock for horror films.

The back story for this killer is pretty good too which is probably why he made the list. 7. Chucky/Charles Lee Ray – Childs play ChuckyDoll. jpgChucky from Curse of Chucky Dolls freak me out. The Childs play series is probably one of the most iconic series known to horror. Chucky as a character is great. I do believe when Bride of Chucky came out he lost his edge a bit when they started with Horror/comedy. I do also like bride of Chucky it was the Seed of Chucky which is why he misses out on the top 10. They have finally decided to go back to his horror roots with the Curse of Chucky which I am in love with at the minute.

The only thing wrong is you can tell it is a straight to DVD release with the special effects and the look of Chucky. If Tever do make another one of these when and the 7th film have been released he maybe higher up the list. 6. The Creeper – Jeepers Creepers Image from Wikipedia I mean does anything need to be said here? For people that do not know what the creeper is he is basically a demon that comes out every 23rd spring to eat the flesh and bones of people for 23 days. This guy is just creepy and is one of the only film series where i prefer the sequel to the original.

I mean this guy can fly and cannot die it is just perfect. With a new movie coming out soon lets hope he gets even more menacing. 5. Angela Baker- Sleepaway Camp Series Image from Wikipedia I have recently just watched this series and have fell in love with it. There seems to be two canons for these movies which both start off with the 1983 movie written and directed by Robert Hiltzik. Then three sequels were made by different people that sort of went the horror comedy root instead of the full horror of the original. Then a direct sequel was made by Hiltzik again that ignored the previous sequels.

I actually enjoyed both iterations. The good girl punishing the wicked arcs of the three sequels, to the shock ending of the first film and the semi-shock of the direct sequel by Hiltzick (I mean you could tell). The reason I like Angela is that there’s no gimmicks no supernatural forces its just a crazy girl killing people. The movies are also real 80s horror with the bad acting and everything love it. 4. Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th Ken Kirzinger as Jason Voorhees, A man wearing a hockey goalie mask and holding a machete stands in a road at night.

The scene is back-lit. Image from wikipedia Friday the 13th is one of my favorite franchises of all time. Jason is really scary and just looks really badass. They had a bit of a wobble with Jason in the movie Jason X but even then he looked really cool. As I have said before silent killers are really creepy. Jason’s look is pretty iconic you ask anyone to name horror weapons or looks Jason’s hockey mask and machete will be mentioned. Even in his remake his look pretty much stayed the same. His kills are pretty awesome.

My personal favorite is the sleeping bag kill. Jason went from young boy to pschco masked killer to finally a super strong zombie type. You cannot deny he is one of the best horror villains of all time. 3. Pennywise The Dancing Clown – IT It (character). jpgImage from Wikipedia While this is not technically a movie it is a mini series I had to put him in here. Pennywise scares the living shit out of me. Even just looking at this image makes me feel sick and scared. I watched this when I was really little and have been scared of clowns ever since.

Tim Curry played this role amazingly. I was always more scared of him as the clown then in the final bit when he is that big spider. There is a remake of this film being made and I cannot wait to see it and hope its good. 2. Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street Image from Wikipedia I already talked in my other ranking that this was my first introduction to the horror franchise. I think that most people would put Freddy really high on the list he is the perfect killer. He seems to be invincible and he kills people in his sleep!

I knew people that were frightened to go to sleep after watching these films. Since most of the killings happen in the “dream world” there can be some really imaginative deaths also which I really love. I am probably in the minority here but I even liked the remakes Freddy he was dark, although I think the look was just idiotic the tone of Freddy was spot on. When me and my two sisters used to have Horror movie night this always had to be last and a Disney film had to be next because these two are pussy’s. Honorable mentions. I Michaelmyers2007. JPGHr3-pinhead2. ngPamelavoorhees. jpg

These guys all nearly made the cut and thought I would mention why. The reason Micheal Myers and Pinhead are not on the list is simply for the fact I have no seen all the movies so do not know what he is like further on in the franchise. If they were on this list it would only be because they are so iconic. Thad to mention Pamela here if I was doing a top 15 heck probably even if i was doing a top 11 she would probably feature here. She gets pretty overshadowed by her son as she is only the killer in the original Friday the 13th.

Although she is featured and mentioned in further films she does just seem to become a background character. In the first movie she is just nuts and I love her for that she was played by Betsy Palmer in parts 1-4 and sadly passed away last year. 1. Ghostface – Scream Ghostface. jpgImage from Wikipedia Now ghostface has become the pinnacle of crazy killers. Since ghoshface does not show up in the TV series (being took over by Branden James) this is just talking about the movies. I do like movies were the killer is grounded and real.

I also like the mystery part of this where you have to guess the killer/s and to this day I have only ever guessed right once (scream 3). The killers are pretty amazing too and love the backstory for each of the killers. The movies are always connected (scream 4 not so much) as well which I love. We also have loads of returning characters which is a big plus for me as I can become emotionally invested in the characters. Thank you for reading my list. If you think I have got anything wrong tell me I would be happy to listen. Who is your favorite Horror killer?

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