Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, is the most common endocrine disorder in females. Five to ten percent of women at childbearing age have polycystic ovarian syndrome. However, less than fifty percent of women are diagnosed (PCOS Foundation Web). Although scientists do not know much about PCOS, they do know that it is caused by irregular … Read more

Stomach Cancer Research Paper

Cancer is a dangerous disease that is caused by an uncontrolled group of abnormal cells in the body. Cancerous cells, also known as malignant tumors or neoplasm, begin to divide without stopping and invade surrounding tissues. The body is made up of trillions of cells, which means cancer can start from almost anywhere in the … Read more

Osteosarcoma Case Studies

A 17-year-old-male stubbed his toe on his dresser. He stubbed his 2nd Metatarsal. The 2nd metatarsal became very swollen and tender to the touch. The patient believed that it was just a stubbed toe. Due to the extended period of time of the pain and swelling, he decided to go in to see the doctor. … Read more

Hypercalcemia Research Paper

Hypercalcemia is the term used when the blood calcium levels are higher than normal. Calcium is an important mineral for the body. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium is stored in the bones and about one percent circulates in the blood. Calcium is crucial for bone formation and also for the brain, the nerves, and the … Read more

Renal Cell Carcinoma Essay

Abstract: Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is one of the most frequent urological malignancies in adults. It represents for aproximately %3 of all adult malignancies and accounts %90 of neoplasms arising from kidney. RCC often metastasizes to other organs, but very rarely to the head and neck region including maxilla and mandible. A 62-year-old man with … Read more

How To Write A Group Reflection Paper

Fort Fights Cancer Week was a project I had to take on by myself the past year. It’s an event that Fort Osage High School puts on to raise money for cancer. Everything was on me including the end result, whether that be a success or a failure that would teach me something in the … Read more

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Case Study

Each year around 13,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US. That is 13,500 children holding onto their lives, and that is 27,000 parents getting torn apart and holding onto dear life hoping and praying that their children will fight the cancer and have another chance to live. There are currently 35,000 children that … Read more

Research Paper On Mastocytosis

Cancer does not always appear life threatening, in a few cases, resembling mastocytosis, people may live without it cured. Mastocytosis maintains as a form of cancer because cancer means mass growing of cells at an uncontrolled rate. Many cancers essentially lung cancer, may develop deadly. But few in the same manner with mastocytosis people, can … Read more

Essay On Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer begins with the abnormal growth of cells lining the cervix. The cervix is located in the lower, more superficial, region of the uterus. The two types of cells that make up the cervix include nonkeratinizing, stratified squamous cells on the exocervix and mucus-secreting, columnar cells on the endocervix. The transformation zone contains the … Read more

Nf1 Research Paper

There is a 50% chance of being born with neurofibromatosis, if a parent has acquired it in his or her lifetime. There are two types of neurofibromatosis, type 1, and type 2. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. Most people don’t hear about it, because it’s not a … Read more

Tanning Informative Speech Essay

I want you to immerse yourself and shut your eyes for a moment. Imagine that you had your yearly check-up and you receive a call from your doctor two weeks later. You’re really anxious to find out what’s wrong, and he tells you that you have Stage 0 or Stage 1 and 2 of melanoma, … Read more

Professional Stage Manager Interview Report Essay

On October 30th, 2015 | interviewed Equity/AGMA Stage Manager Peggy Dahlquist over email. Peggy shared a variety of experiences and advice for anyone with future plans to become a professional stage manager. From this interview I developed a clear understanding of what the job entails and that having passion and experience for this type of … Read more

Essay on The Roy Adaptation Model

Theoretical Research Analysis According to the National Cancer Institute (2015) an estimated 231,840 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in females (National Cancer Institute, 2015). For most women a diagnosis of breast cancer is a life changing event. As women deal with the … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer: The Root to Death “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it”. In 2015, about 158,040 Americans are expected to die from lung cancer. This is about 27% of all cancer deaths. There are more than 200,00 cases of lung cancer per year. This cancer of uncontrolled growth … Read more

Bowling Workload Essay

The aim of the article ‘Is bowling workload a risk factor for injury to Australian junior cricket fast bowlers? ‘ was to investigate the risk factors of the workload of bowling to junior fast bowler and then to suitably evaluate the guidelines of the current bowling workload (Dennis et al. , 2005). To investigate the … Read more

Melanoma Essay

Many people think that is it possible to achieve a healthy tan, but this thought has been proven wrong. Overexpose to UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun lead to premature aging of the skin, as well as the possible formation of skin cancer, know as melanoma. An appearance of a tan is actually a … Read more

The Beach Boys

Beginning their career as the most popular surf band in the nation, the beach boys finally emerged by 1966 as Americas biggest pop group, the only one other group to challenge this was the Beatles. In 1961 debut with the popular hit Surfin, the three Wilson brothers, Brian, Denies, and Carl. Plus cousin Mike Love … Read more


Recently we have been studying genetic disorders. We were given the opportunity to choose what genetic disorder that we wanted to learn more about by writing a paper about the disorder. The topic at hand is one that hits close to home to everyone at Milford High School. In a recent, disappointing, and discouraging loss, … Read more

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer

Technology has always made an impact on our society. Over the last few decades, there have been many inventions that have changed our lifestyles. Cellular Telephony has, by all accounts, modified how we interact with others; but at what cost? Are there health issues associated with this technology? More explicitly can cell phones cause cancer? … Read more