Analysis Of Old Spice Essay

The advertisement I have presented for analysis is for Old Spice men’s personal hygiene products. An initial glimpse of this advertisement would lead you to believe it is similar to any other advertisement for this type of product that you may encounter in your everyday life. However, upon a closer inspection, we will find that … Read more

In Control: A Short Story Essay

In my sophomore year of high school, I remember a particular speech I had to deliver in my English class. It was just like any other, honestly. But this one, this specific one, gave me the greatest trouble. My irrational fear of public speaking consumed me and turned me against myself. I remember the mindset … Read more

Rhetorical Analysis Mary Tyler Moore Essay

I never knew who Mary Tyler Moore was until she died this past January. As the world continued to grieve over Moore and other such celebrities who tragically passed away in the last twelve months, I found myself surreptitiously Googling her to get some context for all the accolades people gave in memoriam. I had … Read more