My Mother’s Wind Play Analysis

MY FATHER’S WILL is a compelling family drama. The plot is extremely engaging. The idea of hiding a body and covering up a murder offers the plot and the characters a strong moral dilemma. The tone is consistently dramatic. The story is driven my solid themes about family, reconnecting, forgiveness, and healing. Moreover the script … Read more

Crash Redemption

“No matter how far wrong you’ve gone, you can always turn around. ” The world renowned 2005 film, Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, sends the positive message of hope and potential for redemption in the world. Many of the characters make the wrong decisions and receive grace from the universe, which shows the audience that … Read more

Heritage Films

In today’s fast paced, technology filled life it is easy to forget that the world in which we live in was not always this way. It is hard to remind ourselves that at one point in our history, there was no electricity, women always wore dresses, and men were, without a doubt, on a higher … Read more

Mr. Robot: A Non-Music Analysis

The aforementioned approach is called short sighting, which leaves an unnerving quality of the story and the world the characters live in, full of isolation and privacy. In addition, such approach appears to be revolutionary and contradicting to the composition of traditional TV shows, which highlights the radical spirit of the series. For each of … Read more

Summary Of A Big Steaming Pile Of Me

Throughout this critical review paper of Richard Jeni’s performance “A Big Steaming Pile of Me” I will be discussing how the review can apply organizational behaviour concepts. In addition to this analysis I will discuss the audience and the use of individuals and groups and my attitudes and feelings about the performance. Audience When considering … Read more

A Brief Summary Of Blood

Jealous of his adoptive brother and fearful he won’t inherit his father’s fortune, a man gets entangled with mobsters and his adoptive brother must find him before it’s too late. BRIEF SYNOPSIS BROCK (12) is spoiled and likes to raise hell. His single father, CLIFFORD, doesn’t have the heart to discipline him. When Clifford’s best … Read more

In Control: A Short Story Essay

In my sophomore year of high school, I remember a particular speech I had to deliver in my English class. It was just like any other, honestly. But this one, this specific one, gave me the greatest trouble. My irrational fear of public speaking consumed me and turned me against myself. I remember the mindset … Read more

Rhetorical Analysis Mary Tyler Moore Essay

I never knew who Mary Tyler Moore was until she died this past January. As the world continued to grieve over Moore and other such celebrities who tragically passed away in the last twelve months, I found myself surreptitiously Googling her to get some context for all the accolades people gave in memoriam. I had … Read more

Analysis Of Old Spice Essay

The advertisement I have presented for analysis is for Old Spice men’s personal hygiene products. An initial glimpse of this advertisement would lead you to believe it is similar to any other advertisement for this type of product that you may encounter in your everyday life. However, upon a closer inspection, we will find that … Read more