Film Analysis: The Great Dying

It’s hard to imagine how brief our existence on this planet is. Imagine if you will that we summarized how humans came to dominate the planet in your average 2-hour movie. The very first frame starts us off with the accretion of the planet. About 18 minutes into the film the first microbial life starts … Read more

Write An Argumentative Essay On Zoos

Modern zoos all over the world have been trying to shift their focus from pure profit and entertainment to things like conservation, science, education, and recreation, which can be ethically justified as long as they guarantee the welfare of their animals. They engage in research, preserve biodiversity (genetic and species) that may be threatened or … Read more

Banning Zoos Research Essay

Animal cruelty and neglect is an ever present problem in many different areas of the world. Zoos are an example of a topic that many individuals claim to unfairly treat animals, and argue that the government should ban them. Although there are a variety of zoos around the world that manifest this problem, the United … Read more