Film Analysis: The Great Dying

It’s hard to imagine how brief our existence on this planet is. Imagine if you will that we summarized how humans came to dominate the planet in your average 2-hour movie. The very first frame starts us off with the accretion of the planet. About 18 minutes into the film the first microbial life starts … Read more

Mesozoic Era Research Paper

According to the scientific world view, life has been changing ever since the first cell appeared. Scientists believe that many of our modern organisms came from common ancestors. Having a common ancestor with another organism means that both evolved from the same ancient animal. The concept that inherited characteristics within a population change over generations … Read more

Dinosaur Fossils Research Paper

In 1969, Stan Taylor began excavating an area of the Paluxy River bed in Glen Rose, Texas. This river runs through the middle of Dinosaur Valley State Park and is infamous for its dinosaur tracks. In the particular section of the river in which Taylor was working were both tracks of a dinosaur and a … Read more