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Dear White People Film Analysis Essay

Dear White People Movie is about the very important point of view of the modern era. Justin Simian illustrated the main point of view that it is very difficult for the black students to study into the white campus. They face many problems such as if they are involved in the political party then they are considered the main cause of discriminatory particularly on the basis of religion or race. The main purpose of creating a movie is to finish the discriminant between the white and black and creating a sense between them.

So in this way the neutralism can be created. In this movie the authentic characters are chosen to play the role of black and white at this level. The film sketches the ideas from all aspects of life of the white and the black and leaves the emotional lesson for the both races. The movie is not too much emotional with respect to dialogues but it leaves the interesting suggestions. The white people destroy property to identify their existence in the society while the black people remain the victim of the complexity and the inferiority.

They cannot understand their respect and the value in the society. They do not take the part in the political parties and choose the passions of low level for their livelihood. Some of the black become able to get the sympathy of the people in the society as the film sketches all the aspects of their life. The movie releases the whiff of Veneration of the black with respect to the white. It shares a lot of knowledge for the viewers to get the comparison between the black and the white. The movie show that the black face many risks in the different field of live.

So their part and the involvement in the political party for the progress of the country is at the risk level, which cannot be challenged furthermore or later in case of any unhappy event. On the other hand the white people feel safe and sound in the society or the country. They have to face the no troubles or the unhappy events. It is the main contrast between the two parties. The title of the movie is the part of the radio show which comes from the series of epigrammatic and is delivered at the school’s station by a white student. She plays as a white student with four other black students.

Troy Fairbanks plays the role of the head for the residential hall of the black students. He faces the challenges of the randomization by the university administration. So he starts to oppose the plans created by the administration. So opposing the plans one of the student named as Sam, who is also the president of the society in the university, takes stand against the Troy. That guy belongs to white community. And the dean named as, Peter Syvertsen, who is running the university also belongs to the white community. Lionel Higgins is the writer in the rights of the minority and supports the sam.

Coco Connors plays the role of the back ground in the right of the minority and gives favor to them. Lilian—Kurt Fletcher who is the son of the school’s president. He is also working as the head of the Lampoon in a local magazine. The magazine calls the people at the annual party of the university and at this event produces the national news which are relevant to the university and which are also helpful for the popularity of the university. For the present year the sam is trying to get the attention of the all students again the plan of the head of the residential hall who belongs to the black.

So he tries to get the support and hold the black party which is the main turn of the movies. The question remains here that for which purpose he is doing all this. So he tries to blow such an air in the university that for the specific period of time the black and the white and engaged between them and they forget that they have a sea of hates between them. Sam is doing all this for the benefits of the white and he is trying to make the fool to the black community. So the movie sketches many notable points at various locations. The movie reviles that all the characters working in the movie are narrow minded either they elong to the white community or the black community.

The movie shows that both the parties are trying to inserting their cast or the community but no one is trying to promote the humanity. At individual level both the parties are trying their best for this purpose. The subject of the Simian’s film is very limited. Simian’s approach opposes the point of view and the idea of the Sam as he is trying to make fool to the white community for the benefits of the white community. The film shows that Sam is behaving as an advocate of anarchism. He is trying to make the improvements in the system only for the benefit of the white community.

Some of the people in the university are against the anarchism, so the process of socialization starts in the college. The ambition is the main part of the movie. People are devoted from all point of view. Winchester says to the students to try struggle for the movement from the white community. As the Sam has made struggle on the black community so they also start to gather around one point of view. Winchester starts to seem the dreams of their success. Winchester starts to award the students who are making struggle and advise them to work hard for this purpose. The film is showing the political part of the movie.

Social media also plays its best role for this purpose. Simian seems that he is facing troubles with his dreams and the goals so he breaks his previous plans and creates the new ones. So the movie takes turns at various stages. Siemens tries to gather the true and false facts and figures and starts to create the awareness among the people. He starts to aware the black community that they and going to wrong side and the white students and the Sam are trying to make them fool. He also creates an online page for this purpose and he starts to post the clipping of the actual news.

But all this creates no in vain. Sam has succeeded in his purpose. He achieves his goals and the aims. The black community thinks that the white community has finished the sea of hates for them but they get surprise that their hates are going at peak level day by day. Sam also shows his real face. Black community thinks that the Semen was right but at this stage no in vain. So at this stage they are helpless and they go again into their past life. The movie at the end shows that it is proved that white community has no space in their hearts for the black community as they think them inferior.

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