Yojimbo Essay On Personality

In the movie Yojimbo by Akira Kurosawa there are several story lines, where every event is a consequence of a previous, but it looks interesting to examine an aspect of the attitude of characters to their weapon and the result of overestimating its role. The genre of this movie is jidaigeki and tells about the … Read more

The Painted Door Essay

For my essay analysis, I choose to do “The Painted Door” by Sinclair Ross because it’s a good story that shows just what you’re not supposed to do to your partner in life. Throughout this breakdown of “The Painted Door,” I’m going to focus on four key literary styles. The styles are as follows: Character … Read more

Examples Of Unsympathetic Character In Catcher In The Rye Essay

The protagonist in a novel is the main character. Readers can feel sympathy or have a lack of sympathy for the protagonist in the novel. In the novel, The Catcher In the Rye by J. D. Salinger, Salinger creates an unsympathetic protagonist named Holden Caulfield. Readers are unsympathetic toward Holden because he grasped onto Allie’s … Read more

Analysis Of The Fallen Angel Cake Essay

A few months ago, I was digging through my mother’s old pictures for fun on a lazy, Sunday afternoon. I quickly stumbled across her senior picture from 1985. I was struck by her big hair, bigger thick rimmed glasses, and her excessive use of hairspray (seriously if one had lit a match, the entire photo … Read more

Danny Boyle’s Trash Theme Essay

There are several connections between the book “Trash” written Andy Mulligan and “Millions” directed by Danny Boyle as the basis is very similar. Some of the similarities in the themes of the two texts are – Poverty, Friendship & Greed. These points are some of many that you can compare the two texts with. The … Read more

Zack’s Journey To Self-Discovery In The Book Zack By William Bell Essay

“Part of spiritual and emotional maturity is recognizing that it’s not like you’re going to try to fix yourself and become a different person. You remain the same person, but you become awakened” (Kornfield). This thoughtful quote by Jack Kornfield perfectly describes the protagonist’s journey in the book Zack by William Bell. Zack was a … Read more