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These are some of the characteristic phases of development of pre-historical humanity. Before civilization more than 9,000 years ago, the people of a town that developed in Catalogue grew crops, made weapons and tools, raised and domesticated sheep and goats, painted on walls of their homes, and hunted and gathered. They were an egalitarian society […]

EC02013 “A short history of the Great Depression, from the stock market crash of 1929 to World War II” The great depression was a worldwide event characterized by an economic slum which spanned North America, Europe and other industrialized countries from 1929 to 1939. The incident sparked a catastrophic crash of the stock market on […]

Group Course Requirement in Phil. History In 1902, Burnham designed a U-shaped government complex within Luneta. Only three buildings were however constructed: the Executive House occupied by the National Museum, the Department of Finance Building which now houses the Museum of the Filipino People, and the Department of Tourism Building envisioned to become the future […]

Tango is a dance that started in South America and moved to Europe and the world. It has it start in the low-class society in Argentina and Uruguay and now it’s mostly dance by mid and high societies around the world. This paper will be focusing on a brief introduction about the history of tango […]

Even the Burma Oil Company, whose investment had saved the expedition in 1904 were tiring Of finding nothing. To the day of 26 may 1 908 ,after months of work on a link road to Massed-I- Salesman where weeks ago a drill but had fallen and took more than a week to fish out. His […]

SCOTT D. PAULIN The Idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk in the History and Theory of Film Music ( From early prescriptive writings on film-music practice to recent theoretical considerations of the status of music in cinema, the name of Richard Wagner has recurred with a regularity approaching inevitability. His sheer persistence as a figure in the […]

Event or Idea Republic Definitions & Significance Definition: government which citizens rule through elected representatives Significance: everyone makes rules articles of confederation Definition: set laws Significance: gave every state an opportunity to vote Northwest ordinance Of 1787 Definition: divided land into no fewer than three and no more than fete States SSH say’s rebellion Definition: […]

Wanted to transcend Chinese past and set up Christianity in China. This new Ideology gave them belief in change. Effective army and manipulation cam from Western Fen Chine values. Western monotheism as opposed to Chinese atheism or Eastern pantheism. Sense of nationalism, as opposed to current cultural pushed by foreign Munch rulers. 1st introduction to […]

The orps provides detachments for service aboard warships and for the protection of naval bases and stations. It guards U. S. embassies, legations, and consulates in countries abroad. The corps also guards the White House, the annual presidential retreat at Camp David, as well as the U. S. Naval Academy. The Marine Corps also performs […]

I would say that only 3 people at the same time can view the paintings in this crevice. This piece also wasn’t hung and it as set on a standing column, sort of like a platform. Also, the painting was one of the smallest in the whole museum that I looked at. The size of […]

Textile Industry in India is the second largest employment generator after agriculture. It holds significant status in India as it provides one of the most fundamental necessities of the people. Textile industry was one of the earliest industries to come into existence in India and it accounts for more than 30% of the total exports. […]

HISTORY OF THE VIOLIN The earliest stringed instruments were mostly plucked (e. g. the Greek lyre). Bowed instruments may have originated in the equestrian cultures of Central Asia, an example being the Mongolian instrument Morin huur: Turkic and Mongolian horsemen from Inner Asia were probably the world’s earliest fiddlers. Their two-stringed upright fiddles were strung […]

The Potsdam conference was held in July 1945 and was the second allied inference after the defeat of Germany. Roosevelt had died and had been replaced by Truman, who was aggressively anti-communist and Churchill had lost the 1945 election, Stalin being the only leader remaining the same. Harry Truman, the president of USA was much […]

Inca and Aztec societies were similar politically how Both expanded empires using the military 8. What economic change or explanation justifies the claim that the late sass mark the beginning of a new period in world history? Age of Exploration – America incorporated into Global Trade Network 9. What is an economic similarity among European […]

Carrageen: visit the Old City (We wandered the streets for hours basking in the old rustic architecture), ‘swim’ in the Mud volcano (about an hour away), spend a few nights on Isle Blanch (30 miss away by boat, white sand & turquoise water, stay in hammocks and eat seafood) Santa Mart: this town Is nothing […]

Choose two of the works we read and examine them both with the same critical lens. You must show how the work contributes to your understanding of the issue you chose (race, gender, class, psychological). You may choose from the following: Toni Cadre Bambina “The Lesson” Counter Culled “Incident,” Jamaica Candid: “Girl” Julia Olivarez: “How […]

Meaning of term nationalism Good candidates realized that there were different forms of nationalism. For example, they noted that Italian nationalists included monarchists and republicans, centralists and federalists Some might argue that anti-Austrian feeling was stronger in Italy than nationalism, which appealed to a minority. Some answers deserved credit when they pointed out the limited […]

Use your review text, other history text books, and/or reliable internet sources to complete each of the five (5) outlines over U. S. History from exploration through the Civil War. Be sure that all terms are defined and specific information is added under each topic. We will use this work in class over the first […]

Political Party History Before the Democrat and Republican parties began their reign over American politics, political parties were constantly changing. The first parties resembled faction’s more than actual parties. The nation’s politicians were known to crowd together around a particular issue. These were usually a reflection of social living in America. A change in political […]

This paper is a formal analysis of the Marble grave stele with a family group relief sculpture. It is a pentelic marble style relief standing at 171. 1cm tall carved by a master. It is from the Late Classical period of Greek, Attic which was completed around ca. 360 B. C. . I chose to […]

The farmland that was left after deforestation wasn’t suited for long term farming. With that being said farmers had to continually cut forest down to have suitable farmland. At the time the Idea was absurd that they could cut all the forest down, to them and their mind set, it was an inexhaustible resource. The […]

West Germany became a parliamentary democracy. Berlin Airlift C] During the Cold War the Soviet Union put a blockade in place in hopes that West Berlin would need to start relying on the Soviets for necessities, basically putting all the power into their hands. Allies organized Airlift to carry supplies to West Berlin. When the […]

Immortality Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of immortality and its influence on modern society. Thesis Statement: Immortality implies a never-ending existence, regardless of whether or not the body dies. Mankind’s fascination with immortality provides a historical foundation of mankind’s quest for immortality that makes philosophers and scientists alike to contemplate an […]

On’ Roll Many people and many styles of music Influenced Rock and Roll. The styles Included Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Bluegrass, Boogie-woozier, and Rockabilly. Each was a major factor into the introduction of a new style of music called Rock C]N’ Roll. Popular music places a premium on accessibility, represents various meanings to boost both instant […]

The Mesopotamia, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Native Americans, and Russians have their own versions of the Abacus (deferent material was used, better suited to their own environments) 2. What were the major Innovations of first-generation computers over the mechanical era? The major innovations of the first-generation computer includes the use of electronic […]

List loaded with content and previous DB topics Highly recommended that you know everything on these lists for the AP History test! Top 10 List: Colonization through the Civil War Top 10: Colonial Differences – NEE (Mass. ), Middle (Penn. ), South/Chesapeake (Virginia) 1. NEE – Religion played a much greater role than in the […]

The progressives did help the current situation to a point, but there was still a tot of work to be done. Many people tried to find solutions to the issues that affected our country, but they could hardly be considered successful. The number of deaths caused by such things as disease from rotten meat and […]

When the things you own end up owning you: Politics, Religion and the Revolution of Values Every major faith tradition and spiritual practice on earth teaches about the wisdom of moderation and balance between the material and the immaterial worlds. Many theist and non-theists religions alike have warned of the dangers of excess, extravagance, and […]

Identical species of fish found amongst various continents in freshwater lakes. Folding/shifting of earths crust Grinding and melting of ice on rock Themes: Environment Separation of Pangaea The Great Ice Age Peopling the Americas The ice lowered the sea level, leaving access to early peoples to North America from Eurasia through the Bearing Land Bridge. […]

At the time of partition, the total number of commercial banks was 38, out of these: the Pakistan banks were 2; Indian banks 29 while the exchange & the total deposits of Pakistan banks stood at Rs. 880 million whereas the advances were Rs. 198 million. Before the partition of sub-continent, the entire banking business was […]

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