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How Would You Describe The Characterization Of Don Anselmo

Juan A. A. Sedillo’s short story “Gentleman of Río en Medio” tells the tale of a man who is forced to leave his home in New Mexico and head south to Mexico in order to escape the law. While on the run, he meets a beautiful woman who helps him to find safety and shelter. However, their time together is short-lived as the authorities eventually catch up to him. Gentleman of Río en Medio is a heart-wrenching story of love and loss set against the backdrop of violence and injustice.

Don Anselmo is the protagonist of Juan A. A. Sedillo’s short story “Gentleman of Río en Medio.” He is a Mexican American man who was born and lived in Río en Medio, New Mexico, and is an old man descendent of immigrants. Don Anselmo is a respectable, humble, and kind individual who takes great care for those around him. The most essential quality demonstrated through the story’s progression is the value of family.

Don Anselmo was always a lonely man, he never got married and he didn’t have any children. Even though he was old, he still had the dream of have a family. That is one of the reasons why he decided to adopt Juan Romero, one of his nephews. Juan was a very special boy to Don Anselmo because he was the son of his late sister. When Juan’s mother died, his father wasn’t able to take care of him so Don Anselmo took him into his house.

Juan Romero was very grateful with everything that his uncle did for him. He considered him as a second father. That is why when Don Anselmo got sick, Juan was the one taking care of him. Unfortunately, Juan got sick too and he died before his uncle.

Don Anselmo felt very sad and frustrated because he never got the chance to have the family that he always wanted. Even though he was surrounded by people who loved him, he felt alone. His dream of having a family was never going to be fulfilled but, in some way, Juan Romero made his dream come true. Although Juan was not his biological son, Don Anselmo considered him as such and that is what truly matters.

Juan A. A. Sedillo’s short story “Gentleman of Río en Medio” talks about the importance of having a family. Don Anselmo’s character represents this value perfectly. He was always a lonely man even when he was surrounded by people who loved him. His only dream was to have a family of his own and, even though he never got the chance to have one, Juan Romero made his dream come true.

Don Anselmo values his family greatly. From start to finish, its significance is evident. Don Anselmo has a distinct way of introducing himself in his meeting with Senator Catron. The aged gentleman begins a discussion about his family before considering a new offer presented by the Americans, those who want to buy Don Anselmo’s home and property, and the main goal of the meeting.

He tells the politician about his children and grandchildren, in a very proud way, as a man who loves them deeply would do. Also, he shows a lot of affection when he is talking about his wife.

The short story is full of flashbacks that help the reader to know more about Don Anselmo’s family and how important they are for him. One of these is the moment when he remembers one of his sons, Paco, and the pain caused by his death. The old man was very affected by what happened and it is something that he has never forgotten. Another example happens when he talks about his daughter Inocenciana and her husband Mariano Chavez; how much they loved each other and their happiness.

Don Anselmo does not agree to the new deal right away. When given the opportunity to make a fresh offer, Don Anselmo doesn’t accept it right away. Because he was concerned with family and community, it’s reasonable to assume that the prior gentleman didn’t react immediately since he believed himself unable to accept this bargain because he felt he wasn’t deserving of more money for selling something that is regarded as a gift from nature to his family.

The story could be read as a commentary on how some people are taken advantage of because they are not aware of their own value. In the end, Don Anselmo decides to accept the offer and takes the money. He is content with his decision because he knows that it will help his family and community. short story, Juan A. A. Sedillo, Gentleman of Río en Medio, Rio en Medio, New Mexico.

This is a short story about a man named Juan A. A. Sedillo, also known as the Gentleman of Río en Medio. The story takes place in Rio en Medio, New Mexico. Juan is a man of average height and build with dark skin. He is married and has two children. His wife’s name is Maria, and his children’s names are Manuel and Luisa. Juan works as a ranch hand for Senator John B. Haynes.

One day, the senator comes to Juan and offers him a deal. If Juan sells his land to the senator, the senator will pay him twice the amount of money that he paid for it. Juan thinks about it and decides to accept the offer. He knows that the money will help his family and community.

The story ends with Juan being content with his decision. He knows that he has helped his family and community by accepting the senator’s offer.

After the meeting, Don Anselmo informed the representatives that he had rejected their new offer in order to preserve nature’s value and his and his family’s love for it. (By Nicole Ferrer) Other reasons to believe that Don Anselmo’s greatest treasure is his family may be discovered in parts of the story where Theodoraris emphasizes Don Alselmo’s devotion to his family.

In one instance, Don Anselmo tells his sons to never forget their mother’s deathbed words: “Always take care of each other, and be good to your father” (Theodoraris 71). Furthermore, Juan Sedillo writes in “Gentleman of Río en Medio” that Don Anselmo often looked upon his children with fondness and love.

In fact, when he would retire for the evening, he would “go into the room where they were sleeping and just look at them awhile with such feelings of love that sometimes a tear came to his eye” (Sedillo 73). Consequently, it seems that Juan Sedillo is implying that Don Anselmo’s family meant more to him than any materialistic item.

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