Middle Ages Essay

The Middle Ages were a time of great change in Europe. Christianity became the dominant religion and the Pope became the most powerful political figure. The feudal system emerged and the concept of chivalry developed. This period saw the rise of cities and the growth of trade and commerce. The Crusades also took place during … Read more

Steven Johnsons The Ghost Map Essay

Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map is a detailed description of the cholera epidemic in 1864, but the more interesting part of the book is how Dr. John Snow and Rev. Henry Whitehead’s different ideas merge to solve the mystery of the source of the illness. Although as Johnson makes clear in the early pages of … Read more

Middle Ages Essay Examples

The Christian Crusades Positively Impacted the East and the West Even though countless numbers of people died during the Christian Crusades, there were many positive effects for both the East and the West. After the Crusades halted, various trade routes opened up between Eastern and Western cities. Also, the Muslims developed new military strategies and … Read more