Qualities Of A Good Doctor Essay

A good doctor is someone who cares about their patients and works to ensure they receive the best possible care. They are knowledgeable about medicine and keep up to date on the latest advancements. They are also good communicators, able to listen to their patients and explain things clearly. Above all, a good doctor puts … Read more

Carper’s Ways Of Knowing Essay

There are different ways of knowing in nursing, which help us to understand and care for our patients. These include scientific knowledge, personal knowledge, and ethical knowledge. Scientific knowledge is what we know about the human body and how it works. This helps us to diagnose and treat diseases. Personal knowledge is what we know … Read more

Nursing Care Delivery System

There are several different types of nursing care delivery systems, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common types of nursing care delivery systems are staff model, primary care model, patient-centered medical home (PCMH), and nurse-managed health centers (NMHCs). The staff model is the traditional model of care delivery in which nurses work … Read more

Pancreas Research Paper

The pancreas is probably one of the few organs that we really do not pay close attention to, but it is a very vital organ. The pancreas is a part of the digestive system. It is the largest organ in its system. It plays life sustaining roles in the regulation of food digestion and blood … Read more

12 Step Summary Of Conflict Resolution In Healthcare

Conflict in the workplace is a common thing to see these days. There are not many corporations that everyone in the building enjoys working with everyone. To find this is a rare thing. To help employees work together and get along employers are hiring “conflict resolution” companies to educate their employees on the proper steps … Read more

High School Cage Analysis

• In the morning there is usually a technician that is already finishing cleaning most of the cages by the time I come in, but I was able to clean the last cage in the morning before Derwin finished. It was a cage with three kittens that were boarding till someone adopted them. Derwin placed … Read more

Hypercalcemia Research Paper

Hypercalcemia is the term used when the blood calcium levels are higher than normal. Calcium is an important mineral for the body. Ninety-nine percent of the calcium is stored in the bones and about one percent circulates in the blood. Calcium is crucial for bone formation and also for the brain, the nerves, and the … Read more

Anesthesia Case Studies

Dog/Cat Patient preparation All steps are done prior to any anesthesia. This will allow the surgical team to use less anesthesia for the actual procedure which is important to minimize any anesthesia that depresses the puppies. The mid-to caudal abdomen should be shaved and scrubbed. Positioning The patient is placed in dorsal recumbency with the … Read more

Amputation Research Paper

A Path to Amputation For Body Integrity Identity Patients In this paper, I will argue that amputation is an ethically appropriate medical intervention for patients with Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) as long as certain criteria are followed. My argument for this is based on the fact that it is every medical professional’s ethical responsibility … Read more

Noninvasive Ventilation

What is noninvasive ventilation? If you are a person who googles everything, then you will find that noninvasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the administration of ventilatory support without using an invasive artificial airway (endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube). Now if you are a person that likes to look at books to get the answer, then … Read more

Physical Therapy Reflection

A review of the records reveals the member to be an adult female with a birth date of 04/28/1948. The member has a diagnosis of status post left distal fibula fracture, tibial medial malleolus fracture requiring open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) in October 2014. The member’s treating provider, Jeffrey Fairley, DPT, recommended continued physical therapy … Read more

Career In Radiology

I took off running at top speed, hit my mark, and was airborne into my first tumbling pass at the 2014 State Tumbling Championships. I completed my first back flip and went into the second and I felt my left forearm shatter. Instead, of a position on the podium I was on my way to … Read more

Stuttering: A Case Study

The complexity of stuttering has been acknowledged numerous times and in copious amount research throughout the years. It is not surprise that treatment would be just as complicated. Speech Language Pathologists facilitate effective speech and language skills via four basic steps; evaluation, education/counseling, therapeutic treatment, and generalization. Because of the complexity of deficits, Speech language … Read more

Alzheimer’s Case Studies

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that by the year 2025, 7. 1 million people 65 and older will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and its devastating that there will be roughly 7. 1 million diagnosed with one specific form of dementia. With this skyrocketing increase will come the need for … Read more

Essay On Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow,” is a degenerative condition involving injury to the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) and occasionally, the extensor digitorum communis muscle (EDC). “Many etiologies have been proposed, including overexertion or sudden forceful extension. Ultimately, it is the accumulation of micro tears between the tendon origin of ECRB and the … Read more

Meta-Detect Summary

In the meta-analysis performed by Gao L et al, ten randomized clinical studies were reviewed to determine the effect of ondansetron in the prevention of hypotension after spinal anesthesia was initiated. The researchers used relative risk with a 95% confidence interval to analyze their outcomes. The meta-analysis suggests that spinal-induced hypotension, bradycardia, and amount of … Read more

Visual Nursing Home

Typically, when people think about growing old, they think about spending their weekends with the grandkids, going to church on a bright and sunny Sunday morning or even going to the lake for the day and fishing. Nobody really, truly thinks about what life is like when you can no longer take care of yourself. … Read more

Tracheostomy Research Paper

This paper examines numerous published articles that speak about the benefits of oxygen therapy, its medical uses, and its palliative values. This paper discusses two differing possibilities in oxygen application, and various conditions that can be managed with oxygen (Sharifipour, 2011). This study will also explain tracheostomy use, when it is indicated, and how it … Read more

Cultural Issues In Nursing Essay

The purpose of this paper is to discuss a selected culture’s health care issues, analyze these health care issues from the nurse as educator’s perspective, and lastly state a health promotion intervention applicable to the selected culture. We as nurses care for a culturally diverse population of patients, especially in the Syracuse area. Consequently, it … Read more

Delivering Patient Care: A Case Study Essay

Delivering patient care is intertwined with communication and person centred care. It entails understanding that healthcare professionals put patient’s needs at the centre of the whole process of their care. However, care is achieved by providing patients with the best treatment for their illness, give them the choice of treatment, respect their decision making and … Read more

Servant Leadership In Nursing Essay

The nursing and healthcare professions are unique in that they are responsible for caring for others. Nurses, in particular, are especially important because they have the greatest amount of contact with people during some of the most vulnerable moments of their lives. Nurses are taught early on about the holistic nature of health and wellness, … Read more

Community Nurse Interview Research Paper

Community nurses are important members of the health care team. They are involved with all members of the community and see patients first hand. They are involved in education, assessments, care coordination, care management, support and follow up with individuals. Community health nurses can be involved in schools, correctional facilities, hospice and palliative care, and … Read more

Tanning Informative Speech Essay

I want you to immerse yourself and shut your eyes for a moment. Imagine that you had your yearly check-up and you receive a call from your doctor two weeks later. You’re really anxious to find out what’s wrong, and he tells you that you have Stage 0 or Stage 1 and 2 of melanoma, … Read more

Relieving Dental Anxiety Essay

Relieving Dental Anxiety At Our Port Charlotte, FL Office At our dental office in Port Charlotte, FL, we understand that some people have mixed emotions about seeing a dentist. On one hand, you know that regular appointments are necessary to check for problems and get your teeth properly clean. On the other hand, you might … Read more

Ethical Dilemmas: Case Study Essay

A1. In the given scenario there are multiple ethical dilemmas, but I will only focus on three of them in this essay. The first ethical dilemma I noticed is that there is no advanced directive on file. Jamilah the patient only knows Basic English, so she is unable to fully communicate with the physicians regarding … Read more

Nursing Care Plan Sample Essay

Chronic illness affects the whole family not just the patient. As discussed in our readings from this week, the impact of disease on family members includes: Emotional impact, financial impact, Impact on family relationships, Impact on the caregiver’s education or work, Impact on the caregiver’s leisure time and Social impact for the caregiver (Golics, et … Read more

Nurse Patient Relationship Essay

Marcus Engle was freshman in college when he got into a car accident that changed his life forever. With decreased physical ability and inability to see, Marcus had to find a way to adapt to theses modifications to this life. Most importantly, this life changing experience helped to analyze all effective and ineffective forms of … Read more

Essay about The Diving Bell And The Butterfly Analysis

Analyzing The Diving Bell and the Butterfly The poignant story of Jean-Dominique Bauby’s life begins in December 1995, when he finds himself in a hospital, recovering from a severe coma, both paralyzed from head to toe and unable to speak. Though Bauby’s mind is still intellectually intact, he is diagnosed with what most people call … Read more

Person Centered Care Case Study Essay

Figure 2. A descriptive observation of use of antipsychotic and Alternative therapies, a 2-year data at the Blue Care Aged care facility and the evidence that the evaluation of the antipsychotic program is effective in providing person centered care and helped in reducing the use of antipsychotic medication with alternative therapies, (APM) antipsychotic medication, (PCC) … Read more

Caregiver Role Strain Essay

The purpose of this research is to examine caregiver role strain as a result of caring for the elderly with chronic illness, the role of social support in relieving caregiver role strain and its impact on the overall health of the older adult and the caregiver. With aging, come ailments that leave the elderly in … Read more

Patient Centred Care Role Essay

Patients and healthcare professionals would agree that nursing care is a fundamental for achieving optimistic goals and improving patient satisfaction. Whether it being an acute setting of maintaining care plans with patients, nurses play an important role within a multidisciplinary team to help achieve better patient outcomes. Principles The key to patient centred care is … Read more

Why I Want To Be A Laboratory Technician Essay

Chosen Career The career I have chosen is the career of a Laboratory Technician. A Laboratory Technician also know as a Medical Laboratory Scientist collect samples of fluids, tissues, or other substances and analyze these materials. Laboratory Technicians use computer programmed mechanics capable of performing several tests at the same exact time according to Chernecky … Read more

Person Centred Care Principles Research Paper

This paper aims to identify and explain the principles required in delivering effective person centred care. This will be done by looking at the principles involved, and providing an explanation in evidence to support why it is important in delivering such care to patients. Although person-centred care (PCC) is a term that has become increasingly … Read more

Sociological Perspectives Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to explore psychological and sociological perspectives and describe their application to clinical practice, assess own communication skills when working in practice, explore how psychological and sociological theory can assist when attempting to address a client’s needs, and finally demonstrate an understanding of health inequality and relate to own client … Read more

Essay about Catherine Jackson Case Study Examples

Client Problem. Catherine Jackson is a 67 year old women, who suffers from anemia and type 2 diabetes. Catherine uses alcohol as a coping mechanism for her consistent exhaustion. Her exhaustion can be contributed to her anemia and type 2 diabetes, however the use of alcoholic beverages to combat her fatigue can be considered detrimental … Read more

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Case Study Research Paper

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is defined as pneumonia that develops 48 hours or longer after patients has intubated and received mechanical ventilation. An infection may develop if microscopic organisms or germs invade the intubation of the patient’s lower respiratory tract and lung parenchyma (Koenig, S. M. , 2006). According to the 2009 National Healthcare Safety Network … Read more

Essay on Nurse Observation

This reflection is based on my observations of the need for of effective communication skills and knowledge of nurses regarding the management of aggression in elderly patients with dementia. Clinician need to be equipped with seclusion, medication and de-escalation skills to be able to manage patient aggressive behaviours safely. I have chosen these particular observations … Read more