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The Time Traveler And The Travelers Gift

Both books, The Time Traveler and the Travelers Gift, have to do with man’s curiosity of time travel. Both these books are a great read and get you thinking, “Would time travel really be possible, and could I see man evolve throughout history to where we are today? ” As a Christian, I don’t personally believe in evolution in general. I also don’t think humans evolved from a lower life form and I don’t think we will be here for another million years to eventually evolve into something else. Even though both books weren’t meant to be written from religious views, one could still learn a few things by observing them from a Christian viewpoint.

Nevertheless, the logical scientist in me is intrigued at the possibilities presented in the Time Machine. So curiosity makes one think what would happen to the human race a few hundred millennia from now? Will God return by then; or will He let us remain on our course. Will our future ancestors divide into two distinct races that live separately from one another just like Wells describes? I personally don’t think this would happen. My reason for this is because God has made all of us into one human race. Another reason is because, every time there is a challenge or obstacle to face, we tend to try to overcome it in one way or another.

So the probability of us splitting is little to none. Humans also have a natural tendency to resist separation or oppression. Like in the Bible how the Jewish people would have cycles of time when they’re with God and others when they’ve fallen away. Which is why history through the years are filled with uprisings and revolts. This type of thinking asks the question of if the Morlocks were actually forced underground at one point or another, and why did they stay there? Even if they did accepted their new changed environment without questioning, it’s very unlikely because they would’ve revolted.

Not to mention, they would run out of food eventually because there is no sun and plants or vegetables underground. This is why the Time Traveler assumed that the Morlocks began to feed on the Eloi out of their lack of food and the means to survive. So why would they stay underground if their only food was on the surface. Nevertheless, the year 802,701 as envisioned by Wells is fascinating. I have always liked good stories, especially ones that have to do with time travel, and I must admit that the Time Machine has become one of my favorite books, although the movie wasn’t that great to say the least.

So onto the Traveler’s Gifts. This book can can teach us 6 moral laws that the Bible teaches as well. Compared to the Time Traveler, this book has many good traits to teach its readers. First gift is, “The buck stops here”. This shows us how we are responsible for the past and future. It shows us that I truly am responsible for where I am today as well as all of the decisions that I have made that has brought me to this point in my life. Every decision I have made, the people I have met and the things I’ve seen have brought me to where I’m at today.

Therefore, if I want to be more successful, the actions I choose to do today will lead to the future you want. The second gift is, “I will seek wisdom”. Like the Bible says, I will be a servant to others. Through this, I learned the importance of serving others. Even though this book wasn’t necessarily written to teach that similar to what’s found in the Bible, we can still learn great moral values like wisdom. I will now do my best to seek wisdom and share this wisdom with others. To serve others is one of the greatest feelings in the world and I look to do this more!

The third gift is, “I am a person of action”. It’s up to us individually to take action of a situation. I have realized the importance of taking action, rather then letting someone else do it. Without action, we would achieve absolutely nothing! It’s just like if you have a great idea but you don’t act upon it, then what’s the point? Choose to take action, put a plan together and do it! This can reflect onto the Bible as well, because as Christians we are called to take action and not just sit back. Forth, “Today I will choose to be happy”.

Everyone is in control of their own life and should let no one be the judge of that. Choosing to be happy is one of the single easiest decisions you can ever make. It’s also one of the greatest decisions you can ever make because it improves your whole life and health. This will also allow other to see the difference in you. Everyday is a new day on how we get to decide how we feel. People will be happier to be around you if you are a happier person and life will be better. It’s pretty much guaranteed and it’s one of the reasons I act silly so much, because it makes me and others happy!

The fifth gift is, “I will start this day with a forgiving spirit”. It’s time to forget the past and live now. I will do the best that I can to forgive others, but I will make the effort to be more forgiving. However it will be difficult if the thing that was done was truly harmful in my mind. I will do my best to forgive others and forgive myself for my past mistakes though, I suggest you do the same! Last, but not least, the sixth gift is, “I will persist without exception”. I can apply this to my life in a way of faith. I know there is a God and I have declared my faith to him.

I have faith that He watches over me, and no matter how hard life’s trials get I will persist through Him. I will now focus more on my faith and follow along with what I believe is true. Overall, the Travelers Gift is a book that makes you start to acknowledge and appreciate things that are everyday overlooked. One thing for me that this book really reinforced was to be here in the present and not in my past. All decisions we make and the friends we surround ourselves with do affect our lives. Best of all, is that we have a choice everyday on how that day will turn out.

Both books, The Time Traveler and the Travelers Gift, have to do with man’s curiosity of time travel. Both these books are a great read and gets one thinking if time travel is actually possible and could I see man evolve through history to where we are today? Even though both books weren’t intentionally meant to be written to express Christian values, we can learn more values from the Travelers Gift then the Time Traveler. Both these books are a great read, and by reading these from a Christian stance we can get much more out of these books.

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