Medieval Church History

“Dear Fathers, we should listen again to the lament of God proclaimed by the prophet Jeremiah: “they have turned their back to me” (2:27). Let us turn again towards the Lord! ” (Sarah). When Robert Cardinal Sarah make this call during an address at Sacra Liturgia, a liturgy conference in London, it unleashed a storm … Read more

Poland Counter Reformation Movement Analysis Essay

The Protestant Reformation as a whole tells a compelling story, with many intricate twists and turns. With the established goals of purifying the way people practiced Christianity, the movement and subsequent counter-movements by the Catholic Church grasped Europe in the 15th century. Many people know the stories and successes of the Protestant Reformation in Switzerland, … Read more

New England Colonies Essay

The Spanish and New England Colonies Over the course of the 15th century, European colonization swept the continent of North America. In spite of the fact the Spanish and the English were located within the same vicinity of the globe, their approaches towards successfully colonizing North America stood apart. The processes of development for the … Read more

Oscar Romero Poor Essay

Archbishop Oscar Romero–Protector of the Poor Throughout history, there have been many inspirational people who have stood up against unfairness and for those whose voices weren’t being heard. Not only have they risked their lives trying to make a difference but also some have even lost their lives in the process. One person in particular … Read more