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Poem About Jair Poem Analysis Essay

It all begins with a blank canvas, copious amounts of emotion and insight, and a sixth sense. These are the elements needed to get started on Jair’s philosophy of life and to better comprehend his ideology you will feel what he feels and know what he knows, I am deprecating and collecting dust like furniture left out for too long; jaded certain to crash into the refulgence of your eyes. Jair’s personality plays a significant role in his philosophy, he’s intuitive and imaginative, he’s analytical and assertive.

You see the world is a machine in Jair’s eyes there’s no changing that and he acknowledges and accepts that fact along with everything having meaning, there are no coincidences as Jair can always find a way x connects to y. For example, Jair has had many close encounters to death more than he wants to admit; when he was a baby he caught bacterial pneumonia out of nowhere and was on the verge of dying just as his chapter was beginning but he didn’t he pulled through.

When he was 14 his appendix burst and went a week without realizing what had happened and when he arrived at the hospital it was potentially too late for him to survive as the pus had already spread throughout his system, but the doctors tried anyway and he fought for 2 long months and pulled through yet again. As the years went by Jair found himself at an all time low he had no motivation hatsoever, he was a disappointment to his father and mother, he had failed everybody even himself, and he just wanted to end it all as suicidal thoughts plagued his mind; he fought himself day and night until one day he snapped and fell on his knees and realized he couldn’t do everything alone and prayed to God to help him, guide him, and mold him into what God called him to be.

As it happens, Jair put x and y together realizing there had been many attempts on his life attempting to stop him from fulfilling his purpose here on earth as God had told him what he was sent here to do Jair was to become his vessel and preach his word and win people for God. Where are you, am I alone immersed in my own world; pick me up this lifeless shape you hold in your arms barely holding on while trying to find you.

Jair places God as the most important thing in his life as his spiritual life is what he needs to focus on before anything else as the life he has here is only temporary; his reward is not on this earth but in Heaven as Jair was called by God. Though Jair feels most people misinterpret that as seeing himself better than everyone else it’s quite the contrary Jair didn’t choose God, but God chose Jair.

He is to walk in Jesus’s footsteps and strive to be as much as his likeness to represent him and to show everyone that Jesus is truly not dead; people are supposed to differentiate those chosen by God as he can’t act as everyone acts, speak like everyone speaks, does as everyone does; Jair is to carry himself differently and he has constantly tried to explain this in the past to people he’s come across but they just don’t listen, they mock him for believing in such antiquated beliefs or believing in the wrong belief.

But at the end of the day Jair knows they know not what they say and asks God to forgive them, he understands that everything that happened today is because God let it happen whether it was a good day or a bad day Jair thanks the Lord nonetheless. Jair realizes not all that glitters is gold and has ad to learned that the hard way over the years, he had an equally religious girlfriend of a different religion but that didn’t stop him from dating her as it was trivial to him, but it wasn’t to her; you see his girlfriend at the time who we’ll call Leisha was very focused on that and wouldn’t let it go; this struck Jair as odd and prayed about whether it truly mattered or not and it did.

So he decided to take it upon himself to try and help her understand his interpretation of what the Bible commanded them to do and for a while it worked, until Jair fell from grace; essentially Jair just stopped going to church, stopped reading the bible, and stopped praying because he was unhappy with what was revealed to him.

That is when things started to crumble he had lost his chance to help her recognize the truth as she enlisted help from members of her congregation to combat him and what he was saying, this didn’t help anyone in fact it just made things worse as it would lead to arguments about who was right and it eventually led them to break up just as he was told it would happen she was ripped from him in the most painful way possible just so Jair would learn a lesson. Never put anything or anyone ahead of God.

I crawl back to you, left with an imprint without any words to say I am disheveled and you have been forgotten Jair’s life philosophy consists of intelligence and logical reasoning skills which he deems a force to be reckoned with whether it be something small or a life changing decision it has become a trademark for him. He acknowledges that he knows he knows nothing and the more he learns the dumber he feels but at the same time he’s too stubborn to stop learning.

For Jair knowledge is power and coincidentally enough fearing God is the first step to knowledge, knowledge isn’t solely based off what you learn in school and good grades don’t necessarily imply wisdom; the challenge is fun to him learning on his own reading literature works. It’s stimulating for him and he enjoys the feeling of learning something new, a whole new concept, a whole new way to look at something; Jair values knowledge greatly specifically that of Literature regarding it higher than anything else as it fascinates him how things are open to interpretation and hearing what others have to say on the subject.

For example, when reading 1984 everyone had something to say about it and Jair was curious as to what everyone thought of it as he felt he couldn’t properly talk about the book without spoiling anything he stayed quiet waiting enthusiastically until everyone was done with it while along the way silently agreeing with what some people had to say about what was going on. Your silence angers me. Are you my consciousness? My memories or dreams? A rain that makes no sound take me into your realm.

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