How Do Jesus Perform Miracles

Jesus’ powers of being able to perform miracles started spreading between the people so when Jesus arrived in Jewish territory, a huge crowd had formed (21). The large crowd shows how well the word had spread and how many people wanted to see Jesus and his miracles. One person in particular, Jairus, was in urgent … Read more

Twelve Apostles

In a world of floral buttons ups, over the top socks and “side cut” hairstyles, how could anyone be expected to stand out? Society tells us to be our own person. Even as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints we are constantly taught that we are each INDIVIDUAL spirit children … Read more

John 3: 24 The Spirit

In the same way, in chapters 5-10 in the epistle of Paul who wrote for the Jews and gentiles we identify that the Spirit was: “setting believers apart, affirms adoption for believers, provides a balance to the law, and affirms adoption for believers” . The Spirit resurrected Jesus. In this book the apostle Paul is … Read more

Essay on Imprecatory Prayer Rhetorical Analysis

The Implications of the Imprecatory Psalms: Praying the Imprecatory Prayers. War is imminent, facing the enemy of one-hundred thousand screaming warriors who is geared up and mocking the God of Abraham, the one true God. In the midst of war while bending to one knee on the battlefield, the godly soldiers shouting imprecations that God … Read more

Essay on Daniels Prophecy Of The Seventy Weeks

The prophecy of Daniel chapter 9:24-27 outlines Israel’s history and future. In this prophecy, God declares 70 weeks of punishment on the nation of Israel for disobeying the commandments of the Mosaic Law. The first 69 weeks have been fulfilled. The last seven years are synonymous with the tribulation period and are yet future. Alva … Read more

Galatians Chapter 3 Summary Essay

What is wrong with calling Christianity a religion? Throughout my study on Galatians chapter 3 this past semester, this question has been answered repeatedly. By referring to Christianity as a religion, we imply that Christianity is associated with religious works. In Galatians, however, Paul tells us that the Spirit and the law–religious works-are enemies. The … Read more

The Carnal Mind Essay

The true spiritually minded believer is a very rare thing in our world today. Many believers profess to be spiritual, yet their actions express differently. One of the primary reasons why we have so many divisions in Christianity over doctrines is because of the carnal mind. The truth of God is only perceived and understood … Read more