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Comparing Simon And Jesus In Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

A popular theme that echoes throughout the texts of many British authors is religion; mainly in the point of view from the Holy Bible. In most british literature, the reader can draw conclusions that the author drew insight from the stories based upon Christianity. This insight can be reflected by major characters or events that happen in the text. In the allegory “Lord of the Flies” Simon, a major character, reflects Jesus Christ because both have similar events happen to them. As similar events occur the reader can also theorize that Simon and Jesus share similar traits .

First, there are many biblical parallels in the allegory, “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding. The confrontation with Simon and the Lord of the Flies is a biblical parallel to Matthew 4:1- Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness. Simon and Jesus both were in a very weak state of their minds and bodies. Therefore, the Lord of the Flies and Satan tried to manipulate and tempt them into going against their understanding of the truth. Simon and Jesus had very similar circumstances in this event, as both had similar symptoms in their current state of being at that time.

During which, their enemies had a plan of action as both Simon and Jesus were led out into a secluded area away from the rest of society. Another example of a biblical parallel is Luke 22:7-23,The Last Supper. Jesus tells his disciples that one of them will betray him the night before his crucifixion. This then tells the reader that Jesus had just prophesied his own death. Simon also prophesied his own death while on the beach in the book Lord of the Flies. Simon states that to Ralph that he will be fine, however does not include himself.

Although both Jesus and Simon do not directly state it, it is clear that their prophecy has been made in the context in which it was written. British authors often have passages from the bible woven through out the lines of their pages. As William Golding is a British author, it can be assumed he drew inspiration from the bible into his text. Correspondingly , Jesus and Simon were ostracized from society because of their understanding of the truth. The understanding of the truth correlates to the understanding of original sin, that everyone is born with the urge to do bad things.

The natural state of human beings as well as Simon’s idea that the beastie lies within both represent original sin. As Jesus is mocked for his preachings, Simon is laughed at for his unpopular belief. In Matthew 27:27-31 The Soldiers Mock Jesus, Jesus gets mocked and beaten for his detested beliefs about the natural state of humans. Although preaching to the world before he is crucified, Jesus was rejected by several groups and therefore success was limited. Simon also gets laughed and bullied for his arrival on the moral truth in the book, that the beastie is something inside all human beings.

During the assembly as the boys conjured up ideas about the beastie, Simon spoke out the truth. However, the boys will from then on have the notion that Simon is unwise and crazy. Society viewed Simon and Jesus the same way because their preachings were too mature and therefore caused controversy. As society was not ready to fathom the concept of original sin, Jesus and Simon were outcasts and to a certain extent alone. In like manner, similar characteristics were shared with Simon and Jesus as both were compassionate and can interpret people very well.

As Ralph is sitting on the beach telling Simon about his desire to leave the island, Simon reassures Ralph that he will leave the island and be fine. Simon offers his wisdom to Ralph because he fully grasps onto the longing Ralph is feeling. Wanting to lift Ralph from that pain, he shows how gentle his heart is and how he cares for the rest of the group. Jesus also gave others his wisdom and advice, often to those seeking some direction in life. Although Simon does not attain supernatural powers, Jesus can for example, cure the blind. This allows Jesus to attend to the less fortunate and supply individuals with a sense of protection.

Simon shows his powers in different ways, supplying fruit for the littluns when they cannot reach it. This gives the littluns someone to look to, as the other biguns seem to have forgotten about them. Tending to the common people, both Jesus and Simon are naturally compassionate and can sense the emotions of others well. Out of the goodness of their hearts both express their innocence in way in which they realize to do things not in spite of their guilt, but because naturally they are not morally corrupt. In the final analysis, connecting Simon to Jesus gives the book “Lord of the Flies,” a sense of moral structure.

With the chaos that surrounds Simon and Jesus, they are the only people who are connected to their spirit and inner peace. As Simon represents Jesus in Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding illustrates the value of moral truth and spiritual connection. In a world that is corrupt, faith can keep people connected as well as tear society apart. However, those who fully understand the teachings of their faith can always be reunited with their sense of innocence. As Simon and Jesus both lived in a world that rejected their beliefs, their understanding of original sin allows them to rise above the rest.

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