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Did u know that our planet, Earth wasn’t always thought of as a planet? Until the sixteenth century when Capernicus figured out that the Earth was another planet, which revolved around the sun, Greek astronomers thought the Earth was the center of the solar system.

In the 1700s, Johannes Kepler demonstrated that the sun and the Earth were much closer to each other than previously thought. The last surviving telescope in the world, the Square Kilometre Array, located in New Mexico, was completed in the mid-1950s, making space exploration much easier.

In fact, space travel itself was the first significant technological innovation of our time. When the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft sent back hundreds of images of the entire solar system in 1979 and 1981, the spacecraft’s mission was to explore the interstellar medium, the hot, dense, turbulent regions of space and the hydrogen and helium gas in the solar system at a constant distance from the sun. In the late 1990s, in the aftermath of the Voyager 2 craft’s discovery of a new planet named Uranus in 1989, scientists set out to explore Jupiter in greater detail.

Since then, another decade has gone by, during which time we learned more about our home planet, and we’ve become far more aware of Venus and the moon Europa, which is orbiting our planet as well.

Earth essay examples For Free

History of Earthquakes Throughout its prolonged history, the Earth has experienced a myriad of earthquakes that range from minor to major; some of the earthquakes had no fatal impacts while others were extremely catastrophic. However, these earthquakes were undeniably vital in shaping the modern world; without them, some magnificent landscapes that we see today would […]

“EARTH HISTORY” Geologic Time: Geology needs a time Scale: -The prime goal of the science of geology, is to interpreting earth history. Geological time scale- -Anordered,internallyconsistent, internationally recognized sequence of time intervals, and record the life of Earth. Short history of geology: James Ussher(mid 1600s)- he determined that earth was only a few thousands of […]

The world’s natural rainforests are one of humanity’s only remaining hopes to continue its existence. Rainforests are vast forests filled with lush vegetation, teeming with life (both animal and plant), of which only about 40 percent has been completely discovered and studied. Rainforests are a beautiful place that can only be properly described by the […]

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