Young Earth Creation

Our human nature is to question and seek truth about everything in this world. For many centuries the origin of human kind was not a debated topic and all believed that the creation story of genesis where God’s hands over a six-day period created all that we know. This common knowledge was challenged in 1755 … Read more

The Role Of God In Monotheistic Religion

There are many religions throughout the world that believe in a variety of different deities. Religion is a belief and worship of either, one or more, absolute beings. Some of the many religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslim. Each religion has its own guidelines as to why people follow and praise what they believe. … Read more

Moral Evil Vs Natural Evil Essay

I believe that God doesn’t exist due to the fact that if there is a supposed omni-benevolent God then why is the world is full of so much evil and suffering? Evil and suffering comes in two forms Moral evil and Natural evil. Moral evil is caused by humans using their free will, for example, … Read more

Kalam Cosmological Argument Analysis Essay

Who is responsible for creating all of mankind and all that surrounds it? God is responsible for the creation of the universe and the existence of that personal God is proven by a plethora of scientific evidence and logically probable reasons. Ironically, some of the opposing arguments originating from the atheistic worldview contribute to the … Read more

The Teleological Argument Essay

Teleology is an argument of God’s existence following the evidence of order defined as the design of nature. Teleological arguments also known as arguments from design, explain the order in the universe to the existence of God. The universe is believed to be ordered towards some end or a certain purpose. It is more reasonable … Read more