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Essay about The Inspiring Job Summary

The Inspiring Job – A Man for His Time, A Man for Our Time, A Man for All Time book is written by Dr. Gregory V. Jones. He tells what motivates him to write the book on the topic. He is born in Durham, North Carolina. Dr. Jones is raised by his mother in a God – fearing home where the biblical principles are very important. I can imagine; they all held hands and prayed together. They went to church on Sundays and bible study on Wednesdays. They were taught bible scripts on how to have a closer relationship with the Lord. I was raised in a home where the biblical principles were practiced, and these were the things that we had done.

He graduates from Methodist College and is a great athlete who plays basketball. After retiring from playing basketball, he is inducted into the Methodist College Hall of Fame. Later, he pursues a degree in Clinical Psychology and Religion Studies. Dr. Jones spends a great deal of his time writing books and screenplays. He is the Founder of 3H and Pure Shooter. The purposes of the foundations are to support, heal and bring a restore hope to others. Eventually, Dr. Gregory is married to his wife Rosa, and they are blessed with two children.

Dr. Jones expresses how he is inspired to write the story on Job in the Old Testament from the Bible and how it relates in his own life. Personally, I think Job’s life lesson can be instrumental in the lives of others as well. Dr. Jones became very ill with a mysterious sickness. He faces a deadly infection; the physicians did not know how to diagnose the cause of the illness; therefore, the prognoses were not very good. The doctors did not believe he would make it through the night. Somewhat like Job, Dr. Jones suffers agonizing pain and prays for God to make him well. He assured the Lord, if, he is healed, he would write this book.

God heard his prayers and heals him. This introduction is to the story of Job and how it correlates to the book. Job is a man who is a perfect, patience and an upstanding man. His life is going well, and he has it all. He has a great family, wealth and is blessed with everything unimaginable. God has blessed him profusely. Job may have been the richest man on the face of the earth, and his children all obey him. He has seven sons, three daughters, and he owns seven thousand sheep, thousands of camels, five hundred oxen and hundreds of donkeys, and had an enormous amount of servants.

He is the greatest man among all the people of the Land of Uz. He feared God and always turned from evil and there is no one on earth like him. Job knew the Lord gives and takes. Since Job has great possessions, Satan does not like it. Satan wants to bring him grief and pain into his life. This disturbed Satan because God boasts about him. The Lord asked Satan have he ever through about Job. Satan challenges God and said, since you gave me permission to punish Job, he will surely turn and curse you to your face. God allows Satan to torment Job, but God forbids Satan to touch Job’s soul. (Job 1:1-5)

Job lost everything belongs to him. Satan kills his seven sons, three daughters, and all the sheep, and three thousand camels, five hundred oxen, five hundred donkeys, and his servants. Job became so sick his wife said to curse God and die. His friends tried to console him, but they soon started to blame him for his own troubles deciding that he must have sinned in order for all the sorrow to come upon him. (Job1: 15-17) This is something that is easier for them to believe. Some of us often thank God and praise His name when things are going well, but we often complain when trials come our way.

Sometimes, our belief in God comes from how well things are going in life. When a person suffers, they assume that there must be sin in their life. But suffering is not always a cause of wrongdoing, as we see with Job. At times, those who are sinners suffer a little and while those who are noble may suffer much. Some people ask why God allows suffering. Instead of us asking ourselves “why me” we might be better off asking “why not me. ” God often uses suffering to build character in believers. Now and again, He wants those who suffer to be more dependent upon Him. He may be trying to get our attention about some things.

God wants us the truth Him and every situation. We cannot always associate suffering with sin in those who love the Lord as we see with Job’s experience. In Job, we see a man who God allows to acked by Satan. He is an example of faithfulness as he loses everything important to him, but yet remains faithful to God. Its purpose is to demonstrate God’s faithfulness during a time of great suffering. Job tears his clothes and shaves his head, and fell down onto the ground and prays. At the ending of Job suffering God restored everything back to his and much more. God awards those that suffer in His name and will be better than before.

We must believe in God with all our heart and at all cost we must refrain from sin. Job lesson teaches us that suffering may occur and we may not understand it unless, God reveals it to us, but God is the answer when we face trials. Dr. Jones begins the book with how Satan becomes Satan. He tells that Satan is the highest of all the angelic beings in heaven. He is able to influence a great number of the angles in heaven. He thinks he is more powerful than God. He is the adversary. God became angry with Lucifer and kick him out of heaven and cast him down to the pits of Hell.

Satan’s jealous rage consumed him. Satan possesses a cunning, deceitfulness nature and he is very treacherous. He is higher than any animal on earth. The book tells the story of Genesis in the beginning and how Satan fooled Eve to sin against God in the Garden of Eden. Dr. Gregory describes how the serpent in the Garden was craftier than all the beasts in the field. As Christ followers, unlike Eve, we must refuse the temptations for Satan’s tackles. The writer tells the story of Job’s suffering and blessing; excellent example to live by.

God allows Satan to test his server; onetheless, Job never sinned against God. Dr. Jones writes about his Job experiences and he trust in God and was heals. He prayed and God heals him. Always, cast all of your cares on God and truth him. We must pray through any situation. He writes on adultery. Job knew to rebuke the temptation of committing adultery. Job is more interested in pleasing God; he knows how adultery would be a destruction of his soul. Now, the author applies adultery in today’s society. Yes, sexual wickedness is all around us and can be seen in magazines, newspapers and in everyday lives.

Adultery is a sin against God. This is what Apostle Paul writes about adultery. “There is so much sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and a woman should have her own husband. ” “They should fulfill each other’s sexual needs and not deprive them. ” (1. Corinthian 7:2-5) Matthew writes about the matter as well and he said, “If anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with his heart. ” (Matthew 5:27-28) Throughout, the bible it talks about adultery is a sin; therefore, we should be like Job and refrain from adultery immorality. Then, Dr.

Gregory writes about the family life and why it should matter. He tells about Job’s children were obedient and enjoys the company of each other. They feasted at each other homes every day. Like Job did, we need to teach our children to walk upright and pray for them daily. Christian has to teach them how to pray for themselves and solely depend on the Lord. We need to make sure that our children are saved. Raise your child up in a God-fearing home where the bible principles are important. Today’s husbands ought to treat their wives with respect; love her like God loves the church.

Job prayed for his wife and children daily and we should do the same. Prayer is the perfect weapon against Satan’s tackles. The author writes about being upright with God. Upright means having a right relationship with God at all cost avoid doing evil; always following God’s commands. The book is very inspiring, because it tells us how to apply Job’s principles into yours. Job suffered pain and he lost everything, yet he remained steadfast in faith. When pain and suffering comes into our lives which we may not understand it; however, trust in God at all times.

A child needs to be taught to depend on God when things get tough, and let them know that they have a Father who cares. Let them know if they are having a hard exam or day at school that they can pray about the problem. Even the smallest obstacle in life we can go to God about any situation. Basically, Dr. Gregory V. Jones writes this book to let us know that Job’s circumstances were worse than any one situation that life can throw at us, but he never wavered at still depended upon God to see him through. Nothing is too hard for God to handle.

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