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The Role Of God In Monotheistic Religion

There are many religions throughout the world that believe in a variety of different deities. Religion is a belief and worship of either, one or more, absolute beings. Some of the many religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslim. Each religion has its own guidelines as to why people follow and praise what they believe. For this case, there has been a large amount of controversy as to whether there is a god that people constantly praise for or if it is a waste of time when there is no god to follow.

Many scientists have given theories as to how the Earth and the universe were created, but how can scientists be so sure that because of these phenomena that these specific events had taken place to shape the way the Earth and universe is today? Or if these are just excuses as to there were deities that created the universe in their image and still sustains it today to ensure that everything thrives and lives on until a time when a drastic change needs to take place.

I think there is no real answer as to whether God is or isn’t real due to how many times scientists try to answer the question as to why the universe was created just the way it was or how Earth was created the way it was just so species can inhibit the planet. The definition of the word God, in monotheistic religions, is a being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe (Merriam-Webster 2017). Christians believe that God created the world that we live in today and continuously sustains it.

People argue that the Earth was created just perfect. It’s placement on the solar system is the right distance away from the sun. The planet rotates on its axis at the perfect speed allowing each part of the world enough time to either be cooled or warmed with no issue. Temperatures that vary enough to still be in living conditions for species that inhabit Earth regardless of which side it is facing. If the Earth was any further or closer to the sun, there would be issues resulting in freezing or extreme burning conditions.

The planet also contains the right combination of gases to sustain plants and other life forms. Only about fifty miles away from the surface is a thin layer made up of mostly nitrogen and oxygen gases. Water which is colorless, odorless, and has no taste to it is yet one of the important factors that plants, animals, and human beings cannot live without. The human brain and how it can process a large amount of information in just a short amount of time. How the eyes can separate millions of colors while also being able to focus and send messages simultaneously.

Even with all these things in mind, how did the universe even begin? Scientists call it the Big Bang Theory. This theory states that the universe began from a small, hot, dense form or structure with no stars or atoms and exploded creating the planets, stars, and everything else in the solar system and is still expanding from the explosion today. But with that, scientist cannot explain the sudden explosion creating the universe. Scientists try to answer the question why but there is a large amount of unanswered reasons as to why something is the way it is.

With that in mind its best to conclude that there is a deity out there that did create the universe and world we live in along with the species that inhabit it and the necessities required for those beings to survive and play an important role. Carl Sagan, best known for hosting his TV series “Cosmos” was an astronomer that did not label himself as an Atheist but was open to the possibility that there might possibly be a God out there and knew that there was a slim chance that he would find the evidence to prove this phenomenon.

He quoted, “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality. ” Sagan had spoken about spirituality as being something within the realm of the “real” world when people had encountered nature and were filled with wonder. Some scientists were trying to prove the existence of God and try to see if there is a connection between faith and science. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, argued that Christian God was congruent with Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Darwin’s theory of evolution being that all species of organisms developed through natural selection that increased that species ability to compete, survive, and reproduce (Wikipedia 2017). There are many factors as to why a God had to have created the universe we inhabit in today because people believe that Science, at this point in time, cannot explain certain simple questions that we all ask ourselves today. “Why did the Big Bang happen? ” or, “How were the first people created? ” are just a few of the questions that Science cannot seem to pinpoint an answer on.

However, people that do not believe there is a God out there think otherwise. Not just scientists but people in general have opposing opinions when people claim there is a deity out there. Many people believe there is always a reason for everything in not only the world but in the universe too. They can also justify that just because we haven’t found the answer to a specific question does not mean that there isn’t one. Not only does it take time to achieve an answer but to achieve this goal could take months or even years.

Christians follow the Bible which represents God’s holiness and mankind’s sinfulness. It also represents the necessity of atonement, redemption, and the promise God gives to lift up fallen mankind. The Bible is man-made and has many sources gathered from many different sources over thousands of years compiled into one book to create a religion. It is also impossible to depict out of all the religions, which religion is real while the others are all fictitious because if people knew it was fake, why would they continuously follow the religion?

So, it is only natural to believe that all the religions are on equal terms with their texts that they follow in how unreliable each one is due to the fact that there is no way to prove which one is real and which aren’t. It is also believed that without God, there is no morality concluding that each and every one of us are not good people. From a scientific standpoint, God does not give morality, it stems from the brain chemicals and is supported by strong cultural conditioning.

Cultural Conditioning meaning that authority figures shape our cultural values, beliefs, ethical systems, and how we perceive the world through things we see in media or we pick up certain ideals and beliefs that certain people in our lives believe and make it as if it is our own as well (Newgrounds 2011). Praying is also believed that God apparently “answers” those therefore proving to some that he must be real. Prayer relies on confirmation bias causing people to believe that prayer does prove the existence of God but forget all the times they have prayed and saw no results.

It is, in a sense, a placebo effect that happens. These are just the few reasons as to why God may not actually exist but even with these reasons, it is still believed that there is a higher power out there that we are unaware about. With such a controversial topic at hand, it is hard to think that this issue will ever get resolved due to the fact that everyone has their own standpoint on topics. But for this one in particular, once someone is set on a mindset about something, it is hard to persuade that person into seeing the other side of the argument and being able to see two points of view instead of one.

This argument has been going on for thousands and thousands of years because there are people that believe such a power exists because without it, how would we exist today? Many of us believe that through prayer and guidance, not only will we have God in our hearts and be saved, but also be able to see the world God had built for us and understand its beauty through his eyes. While on the other hand, Science has proven countless times for certain occasions as to why things are ought to be the way they are.

There are many Scientists that have researched and try to prove the existence of God. Though accepting that there is a higher power out there, but also believing that it is possible to unravel a mystery and understand the reasoning behind it. Some answers may not be able to get answered at this point in time but I believe that there will come a time that with the right technology, we will be able to solve many of life’s mysterious including the simple yet complicated question, is there or isn’t there a God out there?

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