Titration Lab

A titration is a technique used to find the solution of known concentration in the concentration of another unknown solution. Typically, the known solution is added from a known quantity of unknown solution until the reaction is complete. Titrations are also often used to determine the pH of a solution. This is important because without … Read more

Rates In Spinach

Collecting Photosynthetic Rates in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) Introduction: The purpose of this study was to see which light color would cause the spinach sample to photosynthesize the most within the given time. In order to understand photosynthesis, we need to know that chloroplasts absorb light energy from the sun, the plant then takes that energy … Read more

Essay about Egg Bouncy Egg

Can you make an egg bounce? Well the answer is yes, you make an egg bounce by using just a few steps. You can make this even more fun by doing this with a couple of friends. First you will need an egg. Then get a bowl. Also you will need vinegar. After you have … Read more

Enzyme Concentration Lab Report Essay

Most people choose hydrogen peroxide over rubbing alcohol to clean a wound since hydrogen peroxide doesn’t burn. However, when hydrogen peroxide is treated on deeper wounds into the flesh, it can pose numerous problems to cellular health. When hydrogen peroxide is used correctly to clean wounds, it becomes an oxidizer and can be used as … Read more

Riparian Zone Environmental Analysis Essay

The temperature of the Riparian zone affects the physical and the chemical properties of the water and largely influences the organisms affecting their feeding, metabolic rates and reproduction. It also affects how much oxygen can be dissolved in the water and how quickly the nutrients will be cycled through the water. Oxygen is better dissolved … Read more

Chemical Equation Essay

Three things are usually required for a chemical explosion: a chemical reaction that occurs very rapidly, a large increase in gas pressure, and a confined-reaction vessel in which the pressure of the gaseous products can increase to a point that the gases break violently out of the container. In this chemistry and physics science fair … Read more

Essay on Gas Exchange And Cellular Respiration

All living organisms respire and they need energy to carry out their life processes in order for organisms to survive and produce. The gases involved in cellular respiration is oxygen and carbon dioxide. The process of cellular respiration is releasing energy from sugars using oxygen and the product is carbon dioxide and water and in … Read more