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Why I Want To Be A Laboratory Technician Essay

Chosen Career The career I have chosen is the career of a Laboratory Technician. A Laboratory Technician also know as a Medical Laboratory Scientist collect samples of fluids, tissues, or other substances and analyze these materials. Laboratory Technicians use computer programmed mechanics capable of performing several tests at the same exact time according to Chernecky (2009), (Part two, para 1). They also, report their finding from the tests to several other physicians to discuss the further outcomes of the matter.

Type of work done in career Laboratory Technicians deal with the analyzation of samples such as fluids, tissues or other variety of substances. They analyze these substances to find out if there is anything wrong or abnormal with their findings. Also, Laboratory Technicians study many different blood samples so they can find out what blood group it would belong in or what blood type this sample is, and they also figure out what blood groups are compatible with this sample. Increased, decreased or positive, negative are categories to describe conditions that cause abnormal laboratory results Chernecky (2009), (Procedures, para 5).

In addition, laboratory technicians work in different facilities such as small laboratories where many tests take place and in large laboratories where the technicians specialize the samples. Necessary Personal qualities and Skills Needed for Success in the Career Laboratory Technicians need for success in their careers which is why they need to have personal qualities and skills. Such as Leadership skills where the person must be able to respond to the health care providers and the patients (McPherson, 2007, p. 5-6). They also most definitely need to Multi-Task or to complete any challenge that takes place.

For example, knowing how to handle different tasks such as taking samples of one patient while responding to a physician about another patient’s tests. In addition they would need to have Physical Stamina since they would up on their feet all the time. Professional Attributes that Benefit all Health Care Workers Professional Attributes that will benefit a Laboratory Technician can vary from different attributes from some that relate to each other while others do not. First of all they would need is patience which is the key to a laboratory technicians since they have to wait for the results to be processed and return which could take a while.

In addition the Laboratory Technicians have to respect a patient’s autonomy or the respect of a patient’s right to make a decision on their health care (DeLaet, 2013, p. ). Also another professional attribute that will benefit a laboratory technician is Organization where they would need since they would have to keep different tests in different areas. Educational Requirements Laboratory Technicians have to undergo similar educational requirements similar to other chosen careers in the medical fields (Ramakrishnan, 2012, Intro, para. 3).

The educational requirements for Laboratory Technician is that they would need to require a Bachelor’s degree and or an Associate’s degree. Furthermore, certain laboratory technician’s would like to go into biology and or chemistry so they would like to got to the Medical Science program. Working Conditions The working conditions for a Laboratory Technician have to deal with a variety of precautions and procedures. The conditions can vary from being in a toxic state to a risk of danger area (Sood, 2006, p. 9). Their conditions can be from toxic, corrosive, explosive, oxidising, highly flammable, etc (Sood, 2006, p. 9).

Also, Laboratory Technicians do not only work in labs they can work in different areas. Such as Hospitals, Physician’s Office, Colleges, and Universities. Three Methods and Strategies for Dealing with Stress in this Career In this career Laboratory Technician’s do not deal with a lot of stress but they are still human and they do sometimes feel the pressure. If they are going to mix up someone’s report or if they would mess up a blood sample. However, they have ways to cope with this stress with relaxing and that’s just by taking their mind of the thing they were dealing with and get back to it later (Van Leeuwen, 2009, p. 0-14).

Furthermore, laboratory technicians also, ask from their colleagues for some assistance which won’t take off all the stress however it will take off most of it. They also, set time charts, organize their facilities and they just keep on working to get rid of the stress. Lastly, they talk to others socially and get up with the events of today in other words they socialize more. Advancement Opportunities The advancement opportunities for a Laboratory Technician is if they would want to go further in their education and study passed an original technician’s level.

If a Laboratory Technician would like to place any advancements they would have to further their education and to have their work experience at appropriate level (Ramakrishnan, 2012, p. 234-237). After they have done this the Technicians advance up to Technologists, which is a more respected and higher ranking than the technician. Job Outlook for the Future/ The Wages and Benefits The job outlook for the future of Laboratory Technicians were not clearly stated in Sood, R. (2006). Textbook of medical laboratory technology.

New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers. So it had said that there is a 14% chance of increase from somewhere near 2013-2024 which would be the fastest out of the other careers (Sood, 2006, p. 87-93). The wages and benefits would slightly increase as well with the increase since the original payment for a Laboratory Technician is around $49,000-$50,000 (Sood, 2006, p. 94-97). Equipment Utilized with the Career The equipment used in this career vary from a lot technical equipments. Such as computers, programs, and 3D projections.

Also, other than technical, they use a variety of handheld objects such as needles, gloves, protective eyewear, glassware, sample holders, etc (Hopkins, 2009, Intro, para. 4-6). Furthermore, they use these materials for the testing and analytical parts of their careers since this is what they have to do throughout the process. Without certain materials in this career what would have happened would everything be fine or would everything would have gone downhill (Hopkins, 2009, Intro, para. 7).

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