Expressive Art Therapy Paper

The psychotherapy I will be covering is Expressive Art therapy. This is a form of therapy that uses the creative arts. Unlike art expression, the creation process of the art is emphasized not the final result. This method is used to help people cope with all types of emotional problems, including depression. (Grumman & Krucik, … Read more

Visual Nursing Home

Typically, when people think about growing old, they think about spending their weekends with the grandkids, going to church on a bright and sunny Sunday morning or even going to the lake for the day and fishing. Nobody really, truly thinks about what life is like when you can no longer take care of yourself. … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Pet Therapy

The amount of people that live in assisted living and nursing homes is over 1. 4 billion people in the United States alone (“Nursing Home Care”). This number is high and ever changing, but the numbers only change due to the degradation of people from a functional state to a state of needing help to … Read more

Music Therapy Essay

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Research in music therapy supports its effectiveness in many areas such as: overall physical rehabilitation and facilitating movement, increasing people’s motivation to become engaged … Read more

A Career Essay On Becoming A Physical Therapist

One Career Over the Other “Don’t pick a job with great vacation time. Pick one that doesn’t need escaping from” (Popik). Choosing a career that makes me happy is a very important decision in my life. With only about three years left of high school, I’ve been trying to ascertain the occupation that would benefit … Read more

Dance Therapy In Schools Essay

Dance and music therapies are getting attention due to students because it will help their mental health. Some schools are testing out dance therapy for the students. While some schools are supporting music therapy to help the students attending. So the students can improve their mental health and their skills. Dance and music therapies are … Read more

Human Genome Therapy

The reason that we decided to research genome therapy was because we very interested in this project and had a lot of questions concerning this topic. Some of the questions that we had were: what is normal and what is a disability or disorder, and who decides? Are disabilities diseases? Do they need to be … Read more

The history of radiation therapy machines

Prior to the advent of ionizing particle beams, medicine had few options for treating some malignant and benign diseases. Physicians’ needs for new techniques to address these problems formed a vacuum, clearly demonstrated immediately following the discovery of X-rays in November 1895. By the first few months of 1896, X-rays were being used to treat … Read more

Brief History of Art Therapy

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ART THERAPY Randy M. Vick This history of art therapy focuses on the precursory and continuing trends that have shaped the theory and practice and the literature that reflects this development. Scholarship, like history, builds on the foundations laid by others. I am indebted to the authors of four other histories … Read more

How does Art Therapy help in maintaining a person’s health or helping them get well from a sickness

Before finding the answer to this question it is necessary to understand the background, history, and importance of what Art Therapy is. First of all Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. In psychotherapy there is an exploration of feelings and concerns in nonverbal and verbal exercises that use simple visual art materials. Art therapy … Read more