Relieving Dental Anxiety Essay

Relieving Dental Anxiety At Our Port Charlotte, FL Office At our dental office in Port Charlotte, FL, we understand that some people have mixed emotions about seeing a dentist. On one hand, you know that regular appointments are necessary to check for problems and get your teeth properly clean. On the other hand, you might … Read more

Dental Hygienist Case Study Essay

Oral health is often overlooked in geriatric and adolescent population. You are not healthy without good oral health. Dental caries have been an issue for the geriatric and adolescent population for centuries. As a hygienist it is our job to acquire a thorough health history and overall assessment to customize treatment and to provide assistance … Read more

Ingrown Soil Research Paper

Toenails are made up of keratin and are our protective shield for the tissue on our toes. The condition of our nails can be a direct indicator of our overall health. Many things can go wrong if we ignore our nails and what they are telling us. Common disorders and diseases that affect the toes … Read more