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History is full of mystery, riddles, and conflicting points. Thus, writing a history paper will certainly be fun, if you just choose a truly interesting history essay topic. We have found the following history essay topics to excel in your efforts.


History-related topics:

How does one get to be a professor? How are professors appointed? What is the job of a professor? Did the founders of the British Empire make the decisions in the case of independence? What makes for a good historical reference How does a historian relate to the laypeople?

What is a good book for a student to read? How to read and interpret English translation? How to read and interpret classical, medieval, and modern literary criticism? Literature in general?

History essay topics are not written to please a student in some way. They are not intended to impress or to be a self-deprecating treatise.

The best time to write a historical essay is not this winter but the summer. As a student with many experiences in a broad class of subjects, students need some things they would like to reflect upon.

For more on this subject, see How Not to Write a History Essay for a Spring and Summer Break.

I did a brief article on my experiences during a class project, How Did It Come to Be The United Nations?.

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If there were no computers many businesses would never have existed such as Microsoft, apple many more. The computer has improved our economy and has helped us function in the world. Our modern world it transitioning into a society based on electronics and technological advances. The development of the computer has come a very long […]

According to Finance Minister Academician Appalachian, Indian’s economy loud grow 6. 2-6. 7 percent during 2014. If accurate, It would be a good economic recovery. Although it is nowhere near the double digit GAP growth India was enjoying a few years ago, the recent news of an economic turnaround is a cause for celebration, especially […]

Introduction Intellectual property has been described like “personal identity” that needs to be protected at all costs; if left unprotected the owner of that property is subject to financial losses/ruin or even lawsuits. As was the case of Research in Motion, the company had to fight for its survival in an effort to protect its […]

History of the Internet From Its earliest beginnings on pages of paper and In brilliant minds, the Internet has always been an emerging technology and an emerging Ideal. What follows Is a selective and developing chronology of some of the most important events in the cultural and technological development of cyberspace and the internet. Primarily […]

Essay on the history of Java, which is a modern computer programming language. BY preserve What is computer programming? Computer programming is in short, creating a sequence of instructions that enable the computer to do something. Computer programming has come a long way since it was first introduced in 1945. ‘Short Code’ was the first […]

Men’s clothing Shirt, braces, and schusses underclothes consisted of an Inner tunic (French challenges) or shirt with long, tight levees, and drawers or braise, usually of linen. Tailored cloth leggings called schusses or hose, made as separate garments for each leg, were often worn with the tunic; striped hose were popular. [l] During this period, […]

The study of psychology in philosophical context dates back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, China, India, and Persia. Historians point to the writings of ancient Greek philosophers, such as Thales, Plato, and Aristotle (esp. De Anima),[4] as the first significant work to be rich in psychology-related thought. [5] In 1802, French physiologist Pierre […]

The right to education History: The right to education has been universally recognised since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 (though referred to by the ILO as early as the 1920s) and has since been enshrined in various international conventions, national constitutions and development plans. However, while the vast majority of countries have […]

History In 1979, President Jimmy Carter formed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by consolidating several government organizations. That same year Congress appropriated funds to transfer the Civil Defense Staff College (CDSC) and United States Fire Administration (USFA) and National Fire Academy (NFA) into FEMA. The Civil Defense Program (CDP) had been established in 1947 […]

The Union is unified once again, but the troubles are far from over. In 1865, the 13th amendment of the Bill of Rights abolished slavery, 1866 the 14th amendment gave these freed slaves citizenship, and in 1 866 the 15th amendment gave freed male slaves the rights to vote. Even with these rights, slaves were […]

Elements fazed Jazz is a genre of music that originated in the black communities in the early 20th century in the south of the United States. Jazz represents a merging of many different people and their heritages. Jazz combined the elements of Ragtime, blues and marching band music. What made Jazz deferent was the use […]

Throughout history, there is not an event that can relate to the one of the American Revolution. This revolution that took place in the Americas had many events that led to this revolution for the colonies. The events that slowly crept up to the much-needed revolution was in the period from 1750 to 1776. During […]

The masterpiece I am going to discuss is an altarpiece consists of Three Panels depicting the Annunciation, Baptism of Christ and Crucifixion. It is made in ca. 1400, regarding as one of the earliest paintings of the Netherlands School. It is also one of the earliest oil paintings in that era. Originally there were Four […]

Mycenaean s a civilization that thrived on mainland Greece and built fortified palaces high up in their cities What is the title of this image? Lion Gate at Mycenae Where is this structure located? Crete Minotaur is a creature from Greek mythology that was half-man and half-bull. Cycladic Cyclades are a group of islands between […]

The Complete Health History Virginia G Parrott Fort Hays State University Health History Health history assessment conducted on George on the fifteen of February 2010 at approximately one o’clock. George is a fifty-four year white male married with three adult children and two grand children. He has been working as a teacher for over twenty […]

Amazon. com Real-Time Case 2 12/1/2009 Brief History of Amazon. com Jeff Bezos, an entrepreneur, created Amazon. com in 1994; the business was originally run out of his garage in Washington. With the additional investments from Nick Hanauer and Tom Alburg, Bezos was able to create the more user-friendly website that we are used to. […]

These measures led to protest. On March 22nd, 1 765, the Stamp Act was to seek to defray some of the costs of garrisoning the colonies, Parliament required all legal documents, swappers and pamphlets required to use watermarked, or ‘stamped’ paper on which levy was placed. On May 30th, 1765, the Virginian Resolution was when […]

Don’t forget to add De tails! (1 point) When had to leave my home I was not allowed to take what I wanted, I was f arced to take what the army allowed me to take and it is almost winter. When where now traveling and we needed food, so I had to hunt but […]

Trumpets are one of the oldest instruments. In ancient times, people used animal horns or shells like a trumpet. It was first used for signaling in ancient China (2000 SC), Egypt (1 500 SC), and Scandinavia (1000 SC). It was long and had no valves. In Roman times, the trumpet was played at military and […]

INT1010 Contemporary World One Event #1: The Korean War 1950 On June 25th 1950, communist North Korea proceeded to invade western- supported South Korea to unite Korea by force. Significance to contemporary history: Event #2: Malayan Independence 1957 What happened? Significance to contemporary history: Malayan Independence reinforced the ending of colonialism in South East Asia. […]

American History X I chose the movie American History X because of it’s brutally graphic examples of racism, hate, and deviance. This movie “crosses the line” of the norm of society and digs deep into theories of prejudice and deviance. American History X shows the importance of what happens when the cycle of affluence is […]

Handiong: Bikol’s Epic Hero They have Ulysses, there is Hercules. And, there is the legendary Bernardo Carpio. The Bikolanos have Handiong, hero of epic Ibalon. Ibalon is not just a hero? s legend. It is the story of the Bikolano people, a race founded by legendary ancestor Baltog, born in mythical Botavara of a race […]

I always wanted to be a nurse, but now that I am in college I also thought about being a high school history teacher. In order, to decide which career to consider I am going to explore my options. Deciding which career to chose is crucial because is something you are going to do for […]

Emancipation increased the power of black men within the family. Black women withdrew from work as field laborers and house servants to the domestic sphere. Church and School Blacks abandoned white-controlled religious institutions to create churches of their own. Blacks of all ages flocked to the schools established by northern missionary societies, the Freedman’s Bureau, […]

History of Mozart Childhood and Adulthood Mozart was born in Salisbury, Austria on January 27, 1756. HIS father, a skilled violinist and music teacher himself, encouraged his young son to play many Instruments from the tender age of three; instruments ranging from the violin to the organ and beyond. By the age of five, Mozart […]

It is debatable , whether art is ” whatever the spectator thinks it is; there are no rules, no criteria, no universal boundaries delineating what is and what is not art, who is and who is not an artist”. Settling, the author of Living with Art; states that artist create masterpieces to fulfill six roles. […]

NASCAR history can trace its roots back to 1794. That’s a century before the invention of the automobile, but it was the year of the Whiskey Rebellion. This was a protest of a federal tax on whiskey by frontier farmers. Instead of being subject to the tax, many frontiersmen built secret stills, manufactured, and delivered […]

Emancipation is defined as various efforts to obtain political rights or equality, often for specifically disfranchised groups. Many countries and states have gone through this revitalizing process during one period of time in their historic accounts. For Caribbean states, this period was also a mark of re-development and re-establishment of economies and societies. Emancipation in […]

Green Bay, Wisconsin, home to just over 100,000 people is the smallest market in any major sports league in the United States. Dubbed in the mid-sixties as “Title town, USA”, Green Bay is the proud home of the National Football League’s Green Bay Packers. Such a small town allows for many unique experiences. Only in […]

How Jacob Iris’ “How the Other Half Lives” Brought Social Change via Photography Jacob Iris’ “How the Other Half Lives” brought to light the disparity between the exorbitantly wealthy of New York and the immigrants who live in the slums such as the Five Points. Urban populations grew exponentially in the United States when floods […]

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