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Her eyes meet mine for a second. I hate you! ” I Melinda and Rachel have been best friends since kindergarten. That hurts considering how close their friendship is. Melinda never returns Earache’s hatred. | 2. Melinda Cordons I Melinda is very bright, but her vision Is sometimes clouded by her suffering. She Is 14 years old and has to deal with the memory of being raped at the end of the summer. Being raped changed her physically and mentally. | 3. Peg. “When the pep rally ends, I am accidental knocked down 3 rows of bleachers” I I don’t understand why kids are so mean to Melinda. Mean kids at the pep rally push Melinda down the bleachers. Heather and the others contribute by not helping. This Is an assault. I 4. Rachel Bruin I Rachel Is Melanin’s best friend since grade school. She Is very important to Melinda throughout the story. But Rachel turns on Melinda and believes that Melinda called the cops at the party. | 5. Peg. 59 “Sears that fit, that’s a good start. I have to stay away from the closet, go to all my classes.

I I believe this quote meaner that Melinda is deciding to take control of harmonistically. She is going in a more positive direction. She’ll be comfortable talking about the rape because forgetting it doesn’t seem to be an option. | 6. Peg. 9″ There is no point in looking for my ex-friends” I I believe in this passage we are realizing that the group of friends have drifted away from Melinda. The friends believe that Melinda has called the cops on the party to get everyone in trouble, though that’s not the case. | 7. Peg. 10 “If there is anyone in this entire galaxy.

I am dying to tell what happened. It’s Rachel. My throat burns. ” I In the passage, Melinda is “burning” to speak to Rachel. She wants to tell Rachel what had happened. Why can’t Melinda just come out and tell Rachel what happened and tell her why she really called the cops? I 8. Heather I Heather Is a new kid In town. Melinda seems as If she uses Heather because she has nobody else. Melinda changes throughout the story and try to have a friendship with Heather, but Heather refuses. | 9. Peg. 24 “l want to confess everything to hand over guilt and mistake and anger to someone else. I In this passage I believe Melinda Is thinking of herself as a criminal. But throughout the year she realizes that she wants to confess everything. I 10. “Peg. 12 My brother got arrested at that party. He got fired because of the arrest. I can’t believe you did that” I I don’t understand why everyone Is blaming Melinda for calling the cops at the party? They got in trouble for breaking the law. Melinda did not mean to call the the crime by Andy. I 11. “Mom” Melanin’s mother I Melanin’s mother is a hardworking, busy person.

Melinda believes that her mom and dad are unhappily married. Melinda really wants to tell her mom about the rap, but she is unsure if she should ask for help or not. I 12. Peg. 10″My goal is to go home and take a nap” In this quote, I realize that Melinda is becoming more depressed. All Melinda wants to do is sleep and be alone. The memory of the rape is making her more depressed and pulling her away from family and friends. She Just needs to come out of her box and tell everyone the truth. I 13. Peg. 89″There is no avoiding it, no forgetting.

No running away, or flying, or burying, or hiding. Andy Evans raped me in August when I was drunk and too young to know what was happening. It wasn’t my fault. ” I In this passage Melinda is finally realizing that she cannot hold this in anymore. She finally realizes that she cannot take the blame for Andy Evans. She now has to take he responsibility of her recovery rather than take responsibility of being raped. I Peg. 54″She’s Jerking us around to get attention” I I don’t know why 14. Melanin’s mom Jumps to a conclusion that Melinda is asking for attention.

She believes that Melinda immaturely wants attention and doesn’t even stop to ever assume that something actually happened to Melinda. I believe that Melanin’s mom should talk to Melinda and ask if anything is wrong. I 15. Andy Evans I Andy Even is the character in the story who had raped Melinda at the party. He is a high school senior who is known for sexually assaulting girls. He is a flat character, and is also the antagonist in the story. He caused Melanin’s depression in the story. I 16. Peg. 44 “Andy twirls my ponytail in his fingers. I mumbled something idiotic and ran for the bathroom. I Andy Evans is in my opinion being violent. A rapist touching a victim’s hair is violent. This scares Melinda so much; she ends up running away from the scene. Andy is in a way teasing Melinda. Throughout the story he considers to bother Melinda. I 17. Peg. 43 “l open a paperclip and scratch it across the inside of my left wrist. ” I Why does Melinda have to feel pain to lose pain? I don’t know why she has to cut her wrist to lose the depression that she is in. If she tells someone about her situation, she wouldn’t have to go through this pain she is putting herself through. 8. David Petrifies I David is one of the people that treat Melinda decently. In the story he seems aware that things aren’t right with her. He invites Melinda out for pizza with his father but she refuses. He tells her that it’s nothing to worry about. He was trying to explain to her that he wasn’t going to do anything. I 19. Peg. 3 “l see a few friends’ people I used to think were my friends, UT they look away. I In this passage I can see where Melanin’s friends are starting to turn against her.

The happy tears represent Melinda being happy that her parent’s are aware of her. The sad tears represent the feeling of not being able to express the truth. | 25. Ivy I used to be one of Melanin’s friends, along with Nicole and Rachel. Ivy was not at the party where Melinda called the cops. Is a good friend throughout the semester. Melinda did not tell VIVO’ what happened between her and Andy, but she does hint that something did happen. I 26. Peg. 9 “I don’t want to be cool. I want to grab her by the neck and shake her ND scream at her to stop treating me like dirt.

She didn’t even bother to find out the truth” I I can see in this passage that Melinda is mad at Rachel for letting her go so for seven years, and that is what confuses Melinda. She is mad at Rachel for not even trying to find out the truth. | 27. Peg. 63 “I’m definitely back at Earache’s, crimping my hair and gluing on fake nails, and he smells like beer and mean and he hurts me hurts me hurts me and gets up and zips his Sears and smiles. ” I In this passage, Melinda is remembering the feeling of her being raped. Melinda remembers these details clearly.

Because of these flashbacks, she turns down David for pizza because she is scared he will hurt her. David tells her that it is Just pizza and there is nothing to be afraid of. I 28. Mr.. Freeman I Mr.. Freeman is Melanin’s art teacher. Art class helps Melinda explore her emotions. Mr.. Freeman shows that he can relate to her suffering. Melinda and Mr.. Freeman have a connection. | 29. Peg. 24 “There is a beast in my gut, I can hear it scraping away at my ribs. Even if I dump the memory, it will stay with me, staining me. ” I Melinda feels as if the rape is a part of her. She feels as if this feeling is never going to go away.

In my opinion I believe Melinda thinks it’s a punishment for drinking beer and kissing a senior. I don’t understand why she believes it is her punishment? | 30. Peg. 85 “It’s like smelling the perfect Christmas feast and having the door slammed in your face, leaving you there in the cold” I Melinda thought she was going to feel better after she told Rachel the truth. Rachel doesn’t believe Melinda. Though Rachel does not believe Melinda, Melinda still feels less sad then she was before. In my opinion I believe that this is good that Melinda is finally coming out of the box and telling the truth.

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