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He mentions the tangible items the soldiers brought such as pictures, medicine, bibles, and other tangible sentimental items. O Brine spends the rest of the book writing about the non-tangible items that they carried such as, love, fright, cautiousness, and their dreams. The whole entire book is written off what they carried, each characters actions […]

It is a little boring to repeat one thing. It would be perfect if the author would balance the excellent analyses, which are in the latter part of the essay, with her theory. Moreover, the author herself has stereotypes that even she does not realize. Why does she only talk about wives and hetaeras? Are […]

Well, I actually didn’t pick It up, It was too heavy. It took me over two and a half months to read, but with the help of a dictionary and my grandma, I finally read It from cover to cover. I can’t really say that I understood It, because I don’t recall what It was […]

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