The History and Spelling of English

The English language has such convoluted and variegated origins as very few other languages do in the rest of the world. The intermingling of Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisian, Romans, Norman, Cells and the French Just to name a few, has led over the course of almost 3,000 years to the development of a language with … Read more

History of English Language – Timeline

5000BC – Sanskirt – was an ancient Indian language that belongs to the indo-European language group. India preserved samples of this language that are older than any European language. 55BC – Romans first recorded in England at this time. They did not conquer England until 78-85AD. OLD ENGLISH 450 – Saxons – They were the … Read more

History of English Language

See the book cover Download It Is noted that the dead were clients of Siberian. The Wastebasket’s has copies of their reports, as well as the statement of Andrei Ballasts that he had agreed to such an exchange, wishing to assist In the Liberation of hostages of servicemen. That may not always agree, but lays … Read more

History of English Language

The History of English Teaching Methodology by S. Kathleen Kitao : Doshisha Women’s College, Kyoto, Japan Kenji Kitao : Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan Language teaching has been around for many centuries, and over the centuries, it has changed. Various influences have affected language teaching. Reasons for learning language have been different in different periods. In … Read more

English The history and Theory of Rhetoric

Rhetorical discourse is the messages crafted to the principles of rhetoric Rhetoric is the individual practicing preparing, presenting rhetorical discourse. 2. What are the marks or characteristics of rhetorical discourse discussed in this chapter? There are six distinguishing characteristics: Planned – This takes some forethought of how to address an audience. Issues that arise during … Read more