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Type 1 diabetes causes Type 1 diabetes is caused by the immune system destroying the cells in the pancreas that make insulin. This causes diabetes by leaving the body without enough insulin to function normally.

These cells can become damaged or even die, which is why most Type 1 diabetes starts when children reach puberty and continue into adulthood. The cells around the pancreas are often so damaged that they no longer function properly, leading to Type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes can also occur when the pancreas becomes destroyed by a disease such as liver disease, high blood pressure or heart disease.

You may also experience short-nessus symptoms after having Type 1 diabetes, such as difficulty with thinking, thinking clearly and not eating correctly.

The chances of developing diabetes also increase if you:

  • receive insulin shots;
  • have blood-sugar levels higher than normal when you should have them;
  • have problems eating, such as being under the pressure of food, weight gain and weight loss;
  • take blood or other substances that build up in the body, such as drugs or high-sugar foods.

When not diagnosed, Type 1 diabetes can be managed effectively with medication and lifestyle changes.

Types of diabetes

Although not all Type 1 diabetes can lead to diabetes, most Type 1 diabetes requires medication and other treatment. Some forms of Type 1 diabetes can kill you!

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