Anthrax: A Biological Weapon

Biological warfare has been around since the 19th century. It can include any organism or toxin found in nature to kill or injure people. Many nations are seeking ways to acquire biological weapons to use against other nations and there have been many concerns of terrorist groups having the technology to use them. In fact, … Read more

Airway Mucus Research Paper

Airway mucus is part of inborn immunity that facilitates the elimination of inhaled microorganisms. Antibacterial mechanisms such as lysozymes and defensins, which are contained in airway mucus, are key components of this inborn immunity (Gerson et al. 2000). While this defense mechanisms remains prevalent in cystic fibrosis patients it appears to be compromised in that … Read more

Case Study: Bronchiolitis Case Research Paper

This essay will look at a case of acute care needed by Jake. For the purpose of this essay the only intervention discussed will be the care surrounding Jake’s nutrition and hydration, with research and evidence being considered and applied appropriately. Jake’s initial assessment, using the ABCDE approach, will be discussed with an explanation of … Read more

Rubella Syndrome Research Paper

Rubella symptoms do not typically present until day 7 to 14 of the infection2. At first, the infected person will exhibit no symptoms but they are still contagious. Typically, the first perceptible symptom is inflamed lymph nodes behind the ears. Before symptoms appear, the virus incubates in the host for approximately one week before becoming … Read more

Urinary Tract Analysis Essay

The urinary tract uses urination as a cleaning mechanism, which acts as host defense against bacterial growth and infection. When urine is released from the urethra, any microbes that may have previously entered or were introduced into the sterile environment of the urinary tract are washed away and released from the body. However, sometimes bacteria … Read more