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Essay On 19th Century Chinese Women

The nineteenth century Chinese women’s life. According to (factsanddetails), in the twentieth century, many women from China faced many difficulties, but the main reason was how horribly the women were treated by men. In those times, men were more powerful than women in society. Even today, women in many countries do not have many rights. Most of the men think of women as slaves, and nothing more. Chinese women were treated badly before married life, as well after they were married. Even though their parent’s never took care them, or ever asked if were happy or not.

But on the other hand, Chinese arents loved and took care of their son’s because they believed that boys were more capable of doing work and earning money. During that time, women had no rights or freedom, and their parents forced them to marry the guy they chose. The worst case scenario was that women who were married were often underage, and most of them did not even know what marriage was or what happens after someone gets married. Women did not have power to marry the guy they wanted. This means there was not any marriages based on love, it was arranged marriage.

Only their parents decided whether their daughter should marry r not. Women were treated the same by their parents in their own house, and even after they got married to their husband’s family. According to ( factsanddetails: Status of women in china) “The status of Chinese women is often determined by her success at being a wife and a mother, often measured by performance of her children in school. Many chinese women seem shy, submissive, demure, innocent and sweet when they are young, and become rough, loud and pushy after they get married.

Traditionally when women got married, they were no longer considered part of the family in which they were born. Thus the chinese women were controlled and dominated by man from cradle to grave. Beauty is probably less prized in china than it is in other cultures. A good bride is considered to be a woman who can cook, look after her husband and give him sons and be willing to eat bitterness. In many parts of China, women do not have the legal right to own land and are generally regarded as weaker, dumber and inferior to men.

In village, women have no right to talk about their basic rights. A Chinese village women told the Washington Post, “women are inferior from the time they are born. ” You give birth to a girl people say ou have a potato, a worthless servant girl. When it’s a boy, they say you have a “dapangxiaozi”, a big fat boy. Many young girls are virtually sold into their marriage and are treated like servants in their households, pushed around by their husband in laws, especially their mother in law.

In the old day, women accused of adultery were sometimes subject to horrible punishment such as peeling the skin of the bones until the victim died. ” In here, it is telling us that, people used to judge a Chinese woman by how she could work for and take care of the family as a wife, and how she could take care of her children as mother. Before marriage, they were very cheerful, but after their marriage they became very moody and rough, because of the pressure they had to face. Also, men were the ones who had power over the women in China during the 1930’s.

Beauty was not that much important to people during that time in China for a bride, they used to consider a good bride based on how well she could take care of her husband’s family, and make sons to continue their family name. In many places, of Chinese women did not have many rights and freedom as the men had. For example, they could not own lands and not only that, but they ere treated like objects. They did not have value in the society. They also were controlled by their husband and lived their lives as servants who had to follow whatever their husband asked them to do without their will.

According to ( facultyrandolphcollege: chinese marriage and life ),”In the nineteenth century, the marriage process was taken care of mainly by the parents. They were the ones who arranged the marriage for their children. There was no choice in the matter because this was the way marriage was handled. The chinese felt that marriage was a family matter, and not something personal. They felt that the marriage of two people was too important to be left to the fickle whims and emotions of their children. Romantic love was no part of what a husband and wife expected in a marriage.

The woman was married into the husband’s family as a primary means of providing sons to continue the patriarchal lineage. ” During 19th century, the lives of women in China were very different than modern days. A women could not take the most important decision of her own life which is who she want to live with for the rest of her life. It was the parent who chose the life partner for their daughters, but not for their sons. The marriage was like a contract between two families where women only made connections between families and gave birth, but there was not any love relation or romance between the couples.

According to Tan’s book, “As your mother slept soundly in second wife’s bed, second wife got up in the middle of the night and left the dark room, and Wu Tsing took her place. When your mother awoke to find him touching her beneath her undergarments, she jumped out of bed. He grabbed her by her hair and threw her on the floor, then put his foot on her throat and told her to undress. your mother did not scream or cry hen he fell on her. In the morning, she left in a rickshaw, her hair undone and with tears streaming down her face.

She told no one but me what had happened. but second wife complained to many people about the shameless widow who had enchanted Wu Tsing into bed. ” That Wu Tsing was raping her by forcing her into sexual acts and she could not say or do anything, because he was the one who had power over her to do anything he wanted to do, and she had nothing to do except tolerate it. She was hurt, but she could not even cry about it because she did not have that much freedom even to cry or cream besides accept whatever he did to her.

So basically this essay is all about chinese women’s life and traditions. In 1930, Chinese women were treated many different ways like hurting, crying, if they do anything wrong or if they want their freedom like men, so their husband give them more punishment. After the birth of Chinese girls they were treated by their parents. Once they get married they also were treated by their husband. Before they get married they were moral, they had good character and conduct after married they become grumpy. Their husband always wanted to dominate their wives.

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