The Independence Club

The history of Korea in the late nineteenth century encompasses new social, political, theological, and economical ideas that led to modernization and new personal ideology that was apportioned to citizens of all classes in Korea. In the late nineteenth century, there were massive political and social changes that led to a more modern Korea. Many … Read more

North Korea Authoritarianism

North Korea in Japanese is written as “朝鮮民主主義人民共和国”. Japanese people generally use this name when they refer to North Korea, but this name is really controversial because of the meaning of the Chinese characteristics “民主主義 (min-shu-shu-gi)”. “民主主義” means democracy in Japanese. To begin with, what principle does North Korea try to achieve? Generally, people seem … Read more

North Korean Human Rights Violations

North Korea has historically been known as a country that violates many human rights of North Korean citizens, motivating them to seek refuge in another country such as China. However, China is actively contravening its international obligations toward North Korean refugees by infringing upon international human rights laws such as violating the commitment to adhere … Read more

South Korea Essay

South Korea, officially known as the Republic of Korea, country in northeastern Asia that occupies the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is bounded on the north by North Korea; on the east by the Sea of Japan; on the southeast and south by the Korea Strait, which separates it from Japan; and … Read more

Korean War

Despite the total victory and unconditional surrender in the recent World War II, the Korean War was not along the same lines whatsoever. The Korean War began when the North and South were divided at the 38th parallel; suddenly, the Communist North invaded the south and most of it was consumed except for a final … Read more